Critical Missives is a blog written primarily by:

Suburban Heroes



Cosmic Crank


who are both based in Southeastern Michigan. They’ve been playing Heroclix since the game began, but have only been playing Modern Clix since 2012.

Among other projects, both are involved in making the web comedy series “Suburban Heroes,” which you can learn more about here and rent or buy here!

These… are their stories.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Always look forward to your articles but have been waiting for your set review on world’s finest. Was just wondering if you guys are gonna be doing it soon. I enjoy the work that you guys do and it definitely helps me in expanding my knowledge for the game and understanding of character usage and team building. Thanks again guys


    • Daniel,

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for the kind words!

      Yes, the Top Tens are coming! I should be publishing mine first either tomorrow or Wednesday, while Ninwashui will follow with a second opinion shortly after. And after that, we’re cooking up an article all about Prime NightLantern.

      Hope this info helps!


  2. Yes please.
    Need that top ten HypeFox!!!
    Not only am I getting dragged back in the game (* new addiction coming on) but with my vast 10 year absents from the game I need to know what CLIX are the best. I started small with the TMNT starter set and found the next day my hands reaching for a box of WF. Not only am I excite for this game to ruin my life but I also get to share this vile of miniature hero crack with my son! My grandmother would be so proud.
    HypeFox I am interested in rule comments as well. something to explain a somewhat complex rule and have your spin on it. Being away for so long, I find some rules still haunting me……DAMN YOU STEALTH !!!


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