Night(lantern) Moves!! (Or, Flash Figure Review #2!!)


Okay! So today, we’re dusting off a gimmick we started allll the way back in early 2014: The Flash Figure Review (not to be confused with the Flash Top Ten Set Review, of course, which was a review of Flash figures, as opposed to a Flash Figure Review. Which is what this is. Okay, now I’m confused… )!

Nightlantern, the Prime Rare from the recent World’s Finest set, has to be discussed on his own merits; thus, I excluded him from my initial World’s Finest Top Ten. But now we’re gonna talk a bit about his special Trait and the best way to utilize it in the Meta.

First, let’s look at exactly what that Trait does:

“EVERY PERSON I KNOW IS AN AMALGAM OF TWO FROM YOUR UNIVERSE?: When building your force, you may pay 25 points and put a standard character on your sideline, called an Amalgam. At the beginning of the game, equip the Amalgam to a standard friendly character (other than Nightlantern) that is higher points than the Amalgam’s highest point value and link it to that character’s dial. For the rest of the game, the Amalgam provides the below effect when equipped: EFFECT: At the beginning of your turn or when when this character is clicked, you may choose a standard power on the equipped dial. This character can use that power until your next turn or clicked.

Yup. For 25 Build Points, Nightlantern here turns any standard character into a Possessor (with a few more restrictions than Entities and those with the Possession Trait).

[EDITOR’S NOTE: See the WizKids “DESIGNINSIGHT” article for more information on exactly what qualifies a character as a “Standard Character” nowadays.]

So the question becomes, what are your best options for Amalgam figures? Well, that is obviously going to change depending on what figures you’re playing with Nightlantern and which powers you think they might benefit from the most.

But what might be more helpful is examining the parameters of the power and taking a look at all the useful Amalgam dials out there and categorizing what they can provide. To do THAT, let’s take a quick look at the Trait’s built-in limitations and what those mean when it comes time to pick an Amalgam.

In a 300 Point game, you’re probably going to be looking at Amalgam figures that are 99 Points or less, since whoever they’re going to enhance is probably only going to be a 100-110 Point figure (Nightlantern is 150 himself, and you have to add 25 Points to whoever his running buddy is going to be, so you’re probably not going to be able to fit any figure who’s more than 100 Points if you want to leave room for a Resource, Relic or additional supporting character).

We also know that the enhanced figure can only copy Standard Powers, not White Powers, so we’re looking for Modern Age figures (well, at least for most games) who are about 99 Points or less and have at least 3 (if not 4) useful standard powers on their top click, so you’re provided the maximum amount of options from which to choose. Even if you think you only need one or two powers to make a piece sing, having up to two more useful choices every turn can be a real lifesaver.

And remember, the Amalgam character MUST be less points than the character who is equipping them. I like to refer to this as the Amalgam’s Threshold. As in, “Hey, I’m playing Prime Captain Marvel and I’m going to equip an Amalgam to him. Mar-Vell is 82 Points, so I can’t go past the 81 Point Threshold when I’m picking a figure to be his Amalgam.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: That, of course, was a terrible example, since you can’t play Prime Nightlantern and Prime Captain Marvel on the same force.]

Having said all that, the easiest way to search potential Amalgam pieces is to pick the power you most want to give your piece and then search HCRealms for that power. While I can’t list every useful possible figure in this space (we’d be here forever), we can go over a few really useful Amalgams.

For example, a problem I run into often is finding great figures who have no move-and-attack powers top dial. Well, there are plenty of ways to fix that. Let’s look at a few:


The upcoming TMNT set is an excellent place to look–and we still don’t know all the pieces in it. But all the Common Turtles offer Charge on their first three Clicks. Of those pieces, TMNT004 Donatello adds a top dial Outwit as well. But the real find here is TMNT012 Casey Jones (Uncommon) who offers Charge AND Willpower for his first 3 Clicks, along with Battle Fury if you find yourself surrounded by Shape Changers! If you wanted to take a low-cost Secondary Attacker and make them REAL dangerous REAL fast, Casey Jones is your man.


AOU017 Iron Man (Uncommon) costs 90 and offers your choice of Charge, Super Strength, Invuln AND Outwit.

AOU019 Hulk (Uncommon) has an 80 Point Threshold and offers Charge, Super Strength and Impervious.

And so on.


Might I suggest:

CATWS007 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander (Common): 65 Points with access to four powers. Running Shot (Awesome! RS is difficult to find on decent sub-70 point characters); Energy Explosion (Pretty Good); Toughness (Meh); Leadership (Meh +)

GOTGM004 Nova Corps Officer (Common): 55 Points. Running Shot, Toughness and Enhancement. You would only choose this guy for the cheap threshold Running Shot, which he holds on to for 2 Clicks.

FFNFAOS002 Agent Coulson (Fast Forces Pack): Coulson here grants you Running Shot, Pen/Psy AND Energy Shield/ Deflection for the low, low cost of 75 Points.


Your options include:

AVAS022 Ultra-Girl (Uncommon): With a Threshold under 100 Points (98 to be exact), Ultra-Girl offers Hypersonic Speed on her first two Clicks along with top dial Invuln.

IIM013 Northstar (Common): Wow! Two top dial AND bottom dial Clicks of Hypersonic Speed and, best of all, Northstar only costs 75 Points. You want to give Balls of Fury Hypersonic Speed? Do it. Prime Captain Marvel from GotG? Uhhhh… no, since both he and Nightlantern are Primes.

However, for a Threshold cost of just 5 Points more…

IIM209 Aurora (Common): She’s 80 Points and offers Hypersonic Speed on her first 3 Clicks, Precision Strike on her first two AND Energy Shield/Defelection on every click! For her price, she’s awesome!

You can also check out JLTW043 Johnny Quick (Rare); FL001A Flash (Common) and WF002 Superman (Common)–they’re all great sources of Hypersonic Speed.

And here’s a few more cheap pieces with 3-4 really good power options for your Amalgam-ing pleasure.

CATWS013 Agent 13 (Mass Market Rare): A Meta piece on her own for just 55 Points, she offers Plasticity (important nowadays with all the great Hypersonic Speed pieces out there), Combat Reflexes and Shape Change.

GOTGM010 Nebula (Core Hobby Rare): Her 73 point threshold offers 4 top dial choices: Stealth, Precision Strike, Mastermind and Shape Change.

AAOU010 Scarlet Witch (Hobby Rare): She’s only 55 Points and offers Stealth, Willpower AND Perplex top dial. Willpower alone fixes the biggest flaw on a bunch of different characters in the 75-100 Point Range.

AAOU015 Nick Fury (Mass Market Rare): 45 Points. Offers access to Stealth, Willpower and Shape Change.

AAOU105 Black Widow (Starter Set): 75 Points with FOUR standard powers top dial. Sidestep, Precision Strike, Willpower and Shape Change.

AAOU106 Hawkeye (Starter Set): 75 Points, again with FOUR standard powers to start. Stealth, Pen/Psy, Willpower and Enhancement.

Whew! Okay then. As always, your mileage may vary when spelunking for good Amalgam pieces.

It’s probably also important to note that as the Build total in any given game rises, the usefulness of Nightlantern increases (since it gives you room to play larger Threshold Amalgams).

Any buried treasure that we missed? Sound off in the Comments section!

And, as always, keep it tuned to this space right here. With this year’s Modern Age Set Rotations already dropping (as of yesterday), we’ve got plenty to talk about going forward!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Where You Draw Your Lines of Fire!


Upcoming Games: Team Spirit, TMNT and… Oh Yeah… MORE SMASHCLIX!!

Just a couple of quick local game announcements for SE Michigan Clix’ers before we go back to our regular scheduled programming!!

Hello once more! Here is the upcoming schedule for Heroclix games at Comics & More in Madison Heights:


Team Spirit


Entry Fee: $5.00

The Setup:

Man, March is the month of the Hero/Hero faceoff! Batman vs. Superman! Daredevil vs. Punisher! Captain America vs. Iron Man!! Wait, that’s May…

Nevertheless, we will be playing “Team Spirit,” a 400 Point Golden Age game wherein each player constructs two Themed Teams–one Marvel Team, and one DC Team. But not just any Themed Team; you will be constructing Themed Teams that are comprised of members of an actual superhero team. Which superteams you choose to construct will be up to you–there is no master list we’re working from, so you can build any teams that appeal to you, so long as it’s a named supergroup.

NOTE: We are looking for superHERO teams, not supervillain squads. Having said that, please note that this rule only applies to the actual team you select. If, for example, you are playing a traditional Hero team (say, “X-Men”) and happen to include a figure who is traditionally a villain BUT HAS THE APPLICABLE KEYWORD (say, DoFP017 Magneto), that IS allowed.

NOTE PART TWO (ELECTRIC BUGALOO): Very much like the “Civic Pride” game we played previously, you can sort of tune this scenario to your preferred difficulty level. Want to go the easy route? Select Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. and Justice League or Green Lantern Corps. Want to make it a little harder? Choose some teams like Marvel Knights or Heroes for Hire and Outsiders or Justice League International. Really want a challenge? Try and beat the field playing teams like Champions or All-Winners Squad and Team 7 or Legion Espionage Squad which–hey!–is actually a thing!

Each round, the LOSER of the Map Roll must select first which team–Marvel or DC–that they wish to play; then their opponent gets to choose which team they would like to play. Note that this could result in matchups of teams from the same universe.

Now here’s the important part: All points earned by DC players will be scored as “DC Points,” and all points earned by Marvel players will be scored as “Marvel Points.”

What do those points get you? Well, we will be giving out 3 Top Prizes for this event. And they will go to:

1st Place: 1st Place will go to the player with the most match victories as normal (total accumulated Victory Points–both Marvel and DC–will be used to determine any tiebreakers). This player will receive a Vampire Batman (wkD-012 Batman).

Overall Marvel Winner: This will go to the player who accumulates the most Marvel points through all three rounds. This player will receive 1 copy of each figure in either the Marvel Knights Monthly OP Kit (Ghost Rider, Daredevil & Punisher) or the Gamma Smash! Monthly OP Kit (Red Hulk, She-Hulk & A-Bomb).

Overall DC Winner: This will go to the player who accumulates the most DC points through all three rounds. This player will receive 1 copy of each figure from an OP Kit of the Judge’s Discretion (basically, it will be the new Brave & The Bold OP Kit IF THAT KIT HAS ARRIVED IN THE STORE AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT!! IF NOT, ANOTHER DC KIT WILL BE SUBSTITUTED!!)

(These prizes will go to three different participants; the 1st Place winner will be ineligible for the other 2 prizes.)

Some final thoughts on this game:

–Each player can bring up to 3 Maps if they wish to do so and choose one of those Maps if that player wins the Map Roll. Otherwise, a random assortment of store Maps will be provided.

–Remember, the LOSER of the Map Roll has to pick which of their teams they’re playing first; the WINNER of the Map Roll gets to see which team he or she is playing against before they choose their own team.

–Even if you lose in the first round, YOU ARE NOT TOTALLY OUT OF IT!! You can still compete for the Marvel or DC prize.

–Again, which team you play each round is up to you; if, for example, you don’t like the way that Marvel team you put together performed in Round 1, you can choose your DC squad in Round 2. Your fate is not determined by the Map Roll in this scenario.

–Because you can play either squad in a given round, you might think about the types of problem pieces you think you’ll face and construct your two teams somewhat differently. If, for example, you come up with a well-rounded Marvel team that you think can take on just about anything except, say, a strong bruiser with Hypersonic Speed, you may want to consider putting together a DC team that would act as counter specifically to Hypersonic Speed pieces (ie characters with Outwit or Plasticity, etc.).

In other words, if you can identify the main weakness of the first team you construct, it may be in your best interest to build your second team to combat any teams that could take advantage of the first team’s weakness.



As of now, this is the TMNT release date. We will be playing some form of Sealed TMNT–watch this space for further cost and Build details as they become available.



Yup! It’s the return of SmashClix!! We got some pretty great feedback and suggestions from the first go-round running this scenario, so expect even more carnage–and the ability to use more characters in each game!! We’re finalizing the details now, so keep watching this space for all the updated Build and game details as we get closer to this date!


That’s all for now for the upcoming game announcements!! And come right back to the main page in a few days for an article focusing in on Nightlantern–this one has been in the works for awhile, so you won’t want to miss it!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Where You Draw Your Lines of Fire!!




Wait, There’s Only One Daily Planet Employee in This Set?! (Or, a Second Opinion of the Top Ten Figures in World’s Finest!!)

WF 3

Whew! Made it.

It’s been a sick winter for yours truly, and I mean that literally (while I can’t say for sure that reading HypeFox’s Top Ten is the thing that made me throw up so violently these last two weeks, I can’t really rule it out, either.).

But I’m finally on the mend, so I think it’s high time I offered all of you true believers out there a fit and proper SECOND OPINION to the World’s Finest Top Ten drivel that HypeFox has already so eloquently vomited out into cyberspace.

And like my esteemed colleague, I shall start with…


Some Notes About the Set:

  • All of the Chases are excellent and they could have easily taken up this whole list if I let them. Easily. For the purposes of having an interesting article I limited my list to the two best Chases in “tower (lower point) mode” and the two best Chases when played at full points. I suppose that qualifies as a Preview!
  • Once again, this set takes a power leap from the set that immediately preceded it, not unlike the leap we had last year going from Avengers Assemble to Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which was one of the most powerful sets ever put to plastic). The Chases have base stats that we haven’t ever seen much outside of Colossals (13 attack, 20 defense, 12 range, etc.). The Commons have redefined replacement figures and several Super Rares that I am not even including in my Top Ten list would have been near the top of the heap in other set reviews.
  • Outwit is not what it used to be; there are now a bevy of Meta-viable Primary Attackers who are either mostly or completely immune to it. In this set there are 5 SRs and 6 Chases that are worthy Primary Attackers and whose powers are also nigh impossible to counter. Add those to the Primary Attackers that are resistant to Outwit from the last set (First Born, Rare Wonder Woman, etc.) and Outwit is not nearly a sure path to victory like it used to be. Personally I am going to start using perplex as my go-to power.
  • These Commons are excellent; what trashy blogger said they weren’t? Oh, that’s right, HypeFox said that since none of the Commons were in his Top Ten, the Commons might be underpowered. I contend that they are just as strong (if not  stronger) as they were in the Nick Fury set and it’s just the Common Prime that wasn’t quite up to snuff. Poison Ivy Prime is no Peggy Carter, Captain Marvel, or 3-D Man. However, the rest of the commons are pretty playable. [HYPEFOX’S NOTE: Soooo… to counter my argument that the Commons in this set aren’t as strong, you’ve submitted as your first piece of evidence that the top end of the Common slot–the Prime–can’t touch the Common Primes from pretty much any previous set going back to Flash? Uh… doesn’t that help MY side of the argument?] [NINWASHUI’S RESPONSE: I’m not finished yet!] [HYPEFOX’S NOTE ABOUT NINWASHUI’S RESPONSE: Oh.]
  • Ahem. As I was saying… I’ll put my Booster Gold and Creeper up against your Eric Koenig and Clay Quartermain any day. [HYPEFOX’S NOTE: Uh… was that it? Are you finished?] [NINWASHUI’S RESPONSE TO HYPEFOX’S NOTE: Now I’m finished. You have been debunked and rebuked. Possibly in that order.] [HYPEFOX’S RESPONSE TO THE RESPONSE: Hmmm… I think I smell a Common-Off!] [NINWASHUI: You mean that Russian kid with the BO issue who kept joining Battle Royals at Gen Con?] [HYPEFOX: Nope. Not–that kid’s name was Komanov. That’s not–that’s the wrong Common-Off. No, I mean a Common-Off, as in, you make your best 300 Point team of World’s Finest Commons, and I’ll make my best team of Nick Fury Commons, and we’ll see who wins to settle this debate once and for all!!] [NINWASHUI: Okay. Why didn’t you just suggest that in the first place? You’re just killing my word count here. Anything above, like, 3500 words and people just start tuning you out.] [HYPEFOX: I hate you.]

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To be continued… look for the first annual Common-Off results in an upcoming article!]

Okay! Enough tomfoolery. Let’s bounce straight into my…



5. WF043 Mercury – He’s the cheapest figure with TK that the game has ever seen (yes, Clix old-timers, at 25 Points he’s even cheaper than Rookie Mandroid Armor from Clobberin’ Time–that piece cost 28 Points!). He definitely works best with another Metal Man around because gaining Sidestep and improving his Super Senses roll by 1 makes this original Merc With a Mouth (in that his name is Mercury and he, y’know, has a mouth) even more useful for his low 25 point cost (seriously, if you can bait your opponent into wasting a meaningful attack on one of your Mercury pieces and then you hit that 50% Super Sense? Those are the kinds of plays that can swing games).

The best Idea I have for including other Metal Men is… just play two of him. Even 2 of him at 50 Points are still almost the cheapest TK available in Modern. I’ve got a good team idea for him that will rate it’s own separate article. Let’s just say that this guy bringing TK to the Robot keyword is a BIG DEAL.

Shifting Focus Batman

4. WF003 Batman (And WF004 Batman, WF018 Batman, WF034 Batman) – I’ve been a huge fan of Morph pieces in the past, such that I even wrote this article about them. The new “Shifting Focus” pieces in this set do not disappoint. Unlike all of the pieces I wrote about in my previous article, these “Shifting Focus”-Traited pieces say “Give X a free action if he began your turn on the map.” That’s a step up from “Give X a close combat or move action”.

Now these Batman pieces aren’t going to take down a 200 point piece by themselves, but you’d be hard pressed to find a piece their size or less that they can’t take down. You’ll spend most of your time as the 003 Batman due to his free action movement power, “HIDING BEHIND YOU: Give Batman a free action if he occupies hindering terrain or no opposing character can draw a line of fire to him. If you do, place him into a square of hindering terrain within 6 squares and line of fire.” Once you move up as a free action you can then switch to 034 Batman and use double target Incapacitate. If your opponent bases you then you can switch to 004 Batman. And if you really need an Outwit, 018 Batman is ready and waiting.

Consider the following team:

Do you Bleed? You Will.

(KeywordJustice League)

  • WF003 Batman (with Justice League ATA)
  • WF049 Superman (with Justice League ATA)
  • AVXR100 The Phoenix Force (all fragments, 2 assigned characters)
  • ID Card of your choice
  • Total=300 points

Sorry about the title, but I am running out of unique things to call a Batman/Superman team. The Phoenix Force at this level grants Running shot, +1 damage, and defend. Also at any level it grants Flight and Poison. The Flight helps Batman in particular to use Charge and Running Shot regardless of terrain, and the Emma Fragment will let Batman TK Superman out for an Alpha Strike.


Just gonna go ahead and recycle this art from HypeFox’s Top Ten…

3. WF055 Metallo – If you told me two or three sets ago that a figure with a constant 19 Defense Value on his entire dial and a 12 starting Attack was coming out for only 150 points I would have told you that was definitely going to be the best character in that set. Then Mary Marvel, World’s Finest, and the KC chases happened. This guy is getting ignored and he is going to surprise people some day soon when he finally gets noticed. I was just at a Wizkids open where he Pulse Waved a 200 point World’s Finest to death by himself and made it to the final match. Ignore this guy at your peril.

Zatara 2

2. WF048 Zatara – This guy is similar to Zatanna in the way his dial works, but I think he is superior in every way for 20 points less. I like his front support dial versus his back offensive dial. The offensive dial is about Average. The support dial is superior. With TK, Prob, and a double Perplex I like to refer to him as Mary Marvel’s pit crew. What really puts him over the top is the incredible power you see after he takes one damage: “SACRIFICE MYSELF TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE… AND ZATANNA: Zatara can use Pulse Wave. When he does, he doesn’t target friendly characters he shares a keyword with and he may choose that his damage value becomes 4 and is locked. If he chose to do so, after actions resolve, KO Zatara.” If this power shows up and you are near 2 or more characters on the opposing team I would almost always use it. If the time isn’t right to use this power, then you can just choose to Regen and still come out ahead because of your Mystics TA.

Rita Farr

1. WF035E Elasti-Girl – This is likely the best 50 point non-support oriented character we’ve ever seen. There really aren’t many good reasons not to keep her as a Colossal the whole time, since the new Colossal rules make her so good.

She could already charge 6 spaces, but now she also has a Giant Reach of 3 squares. She can  also carry smaller figures without losing movement and she has a 10 Attack and 4 Damage. On defense she has Shape Change and Super Senses which together nullify about 55% of all attacks before you even consider her 18 defense.

Okay! Enough of the pieces that ALMOST made the cut. Unlike some other namby-pamby bloggers, I made the tough choices and got my Top Ten down to an actual Top Ten. Funny how that works, eh?

I give to you…


The Chief Doom Patrol

10. WF051 The Chief – Here is that great 50 point support character that they seem to slip into every set. Even if you don’t share a keyword with him he can still grant any nearby friendly character Sidestep as well as having Outwit and Perplex himself. If your pieces do have either the scientist or Doom Patrol keywords, then he gives you an option to make another friendly character immune to Outwit and he can target his own Perplex and Outwit through any nearby friendly character. He’s definitely a Meta piece that you will start seeing at ROCs soon.

Supes v Bats

9. WF001 Superman (AND WF002 Superman, WF017A Superman, WF033 Superman) – So with this pick I am cheating a little. From what I saw at the sealed events I played at this is a good collection of pieces and I kept dreaming of ways to abuse the +1 defense granted by the 001 Superman. It’s just a really good play to attack with Superman 002 from 15 spaces away and then transform into Superman 001 before the opponent has a chance to hit you back. However I still wasn’t sure if I should include these pieces on my list. 

Then some guy played three copies of these characters on the same team and placed second at a ROC super qualifier. Only Patrick Yapjoco beat him by running the free action limiting Agent 13 with Nick Fury. Now it’s a lot easier to see how viable these pieces are in the Meta. Three copies of Superman 001 grouped together along with the Justice League ATA make for a 21 or 22 defense and that power is uncounterable. That’s just really hard to fight and even worse when you have to face it in a format like ROC Limited.

The Wiz Ard

8. WF030 The Wizard – World’s Finest does everything bigger and better than previous sets. This is the second awesome 50 point support figure in this set and the third 50 point figure on this list. So if you played in any Sealed event you probably heard about this guy and what he can do. For 50 points he’s incredible for 3 reasons. The first reason that he’s almost unhittable at range. His power states, “ILLUSIONS HIDE YOUR TRUE SURROUNDINGS: When The Wizard is occupying hindering terrain or adjacent to blocking terrain, The Wizard can’t be targeted by non-adjacent opposing characters.

Secondly, he has 5 clicks each with a different support power that you can push to. You start with Prob. If you need Outwit instead just push once. If you need Perplex instead that’s just one more push away. You get the idea. Finally, his Trait is what’s getting everyone excited “POOF!: The Wizard can use Shape Change. When he uses Shape Change and succeeds, you may place him within 4 squares and in the square he previously occupied immediately place a Tiger bystander.” Sure you might not roll Shape Change successfully in the average game, but everyone seems to have stories where their rolls went well and this guy made three tigers in a single game [EDITOR’S NOTE: Yup. That happened to me.]. That’s an insane amount of value coming from a 50 point character.

7. WF046 Klarion the Witch-Boy – He’s similar to AVAS051 Red Wolf in that he can put a secondary attacker into play as a free action, but where Redwolf is a close combat attacker, Klarion is a ranged support piece. Klarion is better than Red Wolf because of his ability to help your other pieces while still remaining moderately dangerous himself. He has Stealth plus Energy Shield/Deflection to keep him safe and Sidestep with Psychic Blast for offense. The fact that Teekl comes into play as a free action means that you can Phase across the board, drop Teekl and have him Charge an opposing character all in the same turn.

KC SUpes

6. WF061 Superman -In terms of raw stats you won’t find a superior character for under his cost. From his first click to his last, he is really dangerous. He’s been criticized for his lack of Hypersonic Speed, but as far as I am concerned that’s just means you will have to put a little planning into playing him. Whether that’s just some TK (FL007 S.T.A.R. Labs Technician) or going to resources (AVXR100 The Phoenix Force), the lack of Hypersonic Speed is not that hard to compensate for. Something additional to keep in mind is that his defense is better than it first appears. The trait that all the Chases share is “WE WILL MAKE THINGS RIGHT AGAIN: Superman’s combat values can only be modified by powers or abilities from characters with Kingdom Come team ability symbol. Superman’s powers and abilities can only be countered by powers or abilities from characters with Kingdom Come team ability symbol.” Among other things that means his defense can’t be reduced and his defensive abilities can’t be countered so the opponent will have to get through all those damage reducers the hard way. Then there is the new KC team ability. It grants an additional use of Super Senses against ranged attacks and since it’s a Team Ability it might be the one thing that Nick Fury’s Watcher Eyes can’t bypass.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Although Prime Peggy Carter’s normal eyes can, since she knows her worth, and anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.]


5. WF065 Shazam! – Now here’s a piece that isn’t lacking in Hypersonic Speed or a high speed value in general. In fact with his 15 speed value in the Modern Age the only piece under 1000 points that is faster is KC Flash. He shares the WE WILL MAKE THINGS RIGHT AGAIN trait and KC team ability with Superman and the rest of the Chases in the set. He starts with Hypersonic Speed and Super Strength on offense along with Invincible and Shape Change on defense. His Attack Value never goes below 11 and he has some surprise Running Shot/Pulse Wave clicks at the end. The thing that really puts him over the top for me however is the Calculator TA. He already has the Mystical and Metropolis keywords, so it should not be too hard to find some good TAs for him to copy.

Bat SUpes Duo

4. WF060R World’s Finest – I chose the 75 point version of this character to put on this list because with Duo Attack, this is the hardest hitting 75 point character we’ve ever seen. It unfortunately has quite possibly the short 75 point dial we’ve ever seen, but with Combat Reflexes for close combat protection and the Batman TA for ranged protection World’s Finest should stay top dial for quite a while. Even at 75 they retain their trait: “WORLD’S FINEST TEAM: World’s Finest’s power and abilities can’t be countered and their combat values can’t be decreased.” The ability to straight up stop Outwit like that has never been seen at the 75 point level. Finally the combination of the Superman TA, their native 4 Damage Value and Duo Attack means that if they can get within 7 of Nick Fury they could potentially knock him out if both attacks hit.


3. WF064R Green Lantern – This is the second best Tower Mode KC chase in the set. He has 9 Range, Barrier, and Perplex for just 30 points. At that point level if he is able to use barrier to give your team a breather for a turn then he is an incredible value for his points. On the minus side with barrier on his 18 Defense he is the easiest of the Tower Mode Chases to KO. On the plus side his Perplex is literally the only Perplex you could use to target any of the KC Chases.

2. WF041 Mary Marvel – This set’s best attacker, Primary or otherwise, and the only character I believe to be a real threat to Nick Fury. If she can attack him with Hypersonic Speed before he can attack her, then he’s in a world of trouble. She will have a Probability Control she can use to help herself hit and his Probability Control won’t be able to touch her due to her Trait: “SUPREMELY UNCORRUPTABLE: Opposing characters of an equal or lower point value can’t target Mary Marvel with Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control.” And if she hits with an ultra heavy object then that’s enough damage to KO him outright. Her values and powers do start to go down quickly past her first click, but she still has a viable way to get right back into the game. She has a white power on her 7th click that states, “SHAZAM!: The first time this power is revealed due to damage from an opponent’s attack, stop turning the dial. Mary Marvel can use Regeneration. When she does, don’t decrease the result by 2. This power can’t be ignored.” If you roll a 6 on the Regeneration roll then you will be right back to your top dial.

Spectre 2

1.WF066R Spectre – This is the figure in the set that I predict with eventually see the most play. He has Energy Shield deflection and Probability Control that along with his 18 Defense and KC team ability make him exceptionally difficult for even a primary attacker to KO him from range. He also has the Mystics TA that he can share with wildcards (like shazam) and it will guarantee that if anyone does KO him they will take Mystics damage back. The truly overpowering thing about him is his 12 Range combined with his special power, ” I SET THIS WORLD ON A DIFFERENT PATH: Spectre can use Probability Control to target a character regardless of line of fire.” Boards are 24 spaces long. This means that you can place him 10 rows out from your starting area and he can use Probability Control anywhere on the board except the opposing starting area. Your opponent won’t really be able to do anything about it either because the difficultly KOing this piece from range. For 35 points he’s like a half price Mr. Mxyzptlk with the added bonus of having good keywords.

For additional fun try possessing him with Parallax to use the special power, “GRIP OF FEAR: Opposing characters can’t ignore pushing damage.” Not bad for 60 points.

Okay! There ya go! See you next time with some special Build articles to help you make use of all these new tools in your toolbox!

Upcoming Games: Super Smash Brothers

3/16/2016: Super Smash Brothers

Entry Fee: $5

Top Prize: Vampire Batman (wkD-012 Batman)


Army Construction: Each player brings up to 3 characters of 150 points each or less. Only one figure will be used in any particular round. We may play up to three 40 minute rounds. Any carded figure will work with the following exceptions:

  • No figure bigger that a peanut base.
  • No Colossal Size figures or team bases.
  • Any figures with special powers that put out bystanders, other figures, special markers, or terrain markers. Examples include: Captain Cold and his hindering terrain markers, Sea King and his water terrain markers, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, or WS007 Spider-Man and his web special terrain markers. Figures with smoke cloud or barrier are fine.
  • The following characters are banned: NFAOS056 Nick Fury, WKD-027 Felix Faust, WKM-028 Doctor Strange, WF041 Mary Marvel, SLOSH039 Bizarro.

Please note that we will not be including standard objects in the game. To compensate for that, figures that can use super strength deal +1 damage in close combat attacks.


How to Play: All players will be on the same map. Each player rolls to determine who goes first , but that player does not choose a map. A map will be provided by the judge with additional starting zones added  for all players. Each player will only control one 150 point or less figure in each 40 minute round, but they can chose a different figure to play from round to round. If your figure is KOed before time expires you can put it back into play in your starting area on click 1 at the start of your next turn. Each players turn is limited to 60 seconds or less. The judge may move play to the next player immediately if a players turn lasts more than one minute.

You can score points by KOing opposing characters on your turn (or rarely by finding a heart container). Every opposing character that is KOed on your turn (by an attack or any other affect) adds one to your overall score. However, whenever you are KOed (whether or not it’s your turn) you subtract one from your overall score. For example, If you KO three characters during a round and you are KOed twice then your overall score for that round is +1. High Score Wins.


Weapons Falling from the Sky: To aid you in powering up your character, for this scenario, all characters gain the following Trait: “3… 2.. 1. GO!: At the start of your turn, if this character is at least 5 spaces away from its starting area, you MAY roll on the Equipment and Immediate Effects table.

What that means is that at the start of your turn you MAY roll 2d6  and consult the following table:


  • 2 – Poison Mushroom – Immediate Effect – You are immediately KOed (lose -1 to your overall score due to KO)
  • 3 – Bob-Omb – Immediate Effect – You and any other figures within 2 spaces are immediately dealt 2 unavoidable damage.
  • 4 – Hammer – Equipment – While equipped your character has: -3 speed, Earthbound, and Improved Movement: Ignores Characters. The equipped character may use quake as a free action with a locked damage value of 4. Knock back caused by this use of quake is unavoidable and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one. You may not make any other attacks besides the free action quake.
  • 5 – Beam Blade – Equipment – Equipped character can use Blades/Claws/Fangs and Exploit Weakness. Attacks by the equipped character cause unavoidable knock back and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one.
  • 6 – Super Mushroom – Equipment – Equipped character gains the Colossal Size symbol (including giant reach 3), and they can use Close Combat Expert. Attacks by the equipped character cause unavoidable knock back and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one.
  • 7 – Warp Star- Immediate Effect – You may immediately move to any square on the board.
  • 8 –  Fire Flower – Equipment – Equipped character ignores battle fury (if they have it), Range is locked at 8, they can use Energy Explosion, and they deal damage with Energy Explosion as if they had three printed bolts. Attacks by the equipped character cause unavoidable knock back and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one.
  • 9 – Light Gun – Equipment – Equipped character ignores battle fury (if they have it), Range is locked at 8, and they can use Ranged Combat Expert. Attacks by the equipped character cause unavoidable knock back and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one.
  • 10 – Screw Attack – Equipment – Equipped character can use Hypersonic Speed. Attacks by the equipped character cause unavoidable knock back and if damage is incurred from the knock back, that damage can’t be reduced below one.
  • 11 – Blue Shell – Immediate Effect – Choose an opposing figure. That figure and any other figures within 2 spaces are immediately dealt 2 unavoidable damage.
  • 12 – Heart Container – Immediate Effect – Immediately add +1 to you overall score.


Notes about the Equipment and Immediate Effects table:

  • You don’t have to roll on the Equipment and Immediate Effects table if you don’t want to. You can skip that step.
  • Immediate Effects are not optional.
  • Equipment you roll on to is immediately equipped to your character without any extra actions needed.
  • You may only have one piece of Equipment equipped at a time. If you roll a new piece of Equipment on the Equipment and Immediate Effects table you may choose to use that Equipment OR you may choose to keep using the equipment that you already have (or you can use nothing if you have nothing to start).
  • You may not “drop” equipment, but you may replace it with a different piece of equipment by rolling on the Equipment and Immediate Effects table at the start of your next turn.
  • If you are KOed you lose any Equipment you had.