Upcoming Games: Team Spirit, TMNT and… Oh Yeah… MORE SMASHCLIX!!

Just a couple of quick local game announcements for SE Michigan Clix’ers before we go back to our regular scheduled programming!!

Hello once more! Here is the upcoming schedule for Heroclix games at Comics & More in Madison Heights:


Team Spirit


Entry Fee: $5.00

The Setup:

Man, March is the month of the Hero/Hero faceoff! Batman vs. Superman! Daredevil vs. Punisher! Captain America vs. Iron Man!! Wait, that’s May…

Nevertheless, we will be playing “Team Spirit,” a 400 Point Golden Age game wherein each player constructs two Themed Teams–one Marvel Team, and one DC Team. But not just any Themed Team; you will be constructing Themed Teams that are comprised of members of an actual superhero team. Which superteams you choose to construct will be up to you–there is no master list we’re working from, so you can build any teams that appeal to you, so long as it’s a named supergroup.

NOTE: We are looking for superHERO teams, not supervillain squads. Having said that, please note that this rule only applies to the actual team you select. If, for example, you are playing a traditional Hero team (say, “X-Men”) and happen to include a figure who is traditionally a villain BUT HAS THE APPLICABLE KEYWORD (say, DoFP017 Magneto), that IS allowed.

NOTE PART TWO (ELECTRIC BUGALOO): Very much like the “Civic Pride” game we played previously, you can sort of tune this scenario to your preferred difficulty level. Want to go the easy route? Select Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. and Justice League or Green Lantern Corps. Want to make it a little harder? Choose some teams like Marvel Knights or Heroes for Hire and Outsiders or Justice League International. Really want a challenge? Try and beat the field playing teams like Champions or All-Winners Squad and Team 7 or Legion Espionage Squad which–hey!–is actually a thing!

Each round, the LOSER of the Map Roll must select first which team–Marvel or DC–that they wish to play; then their opponent gets to choose which team they would like to play. Note that this could result in matchups of teams from the same universe.

Now here’s the important part: All points earned by DC players will be scored as “DC Points,” and all points earned by Marvel players will be scored as “Marvel Points.”

What do those points get you? Well, we will be giving out 3 Top Prizes for this event. And they will go to:

1st Place: 1st Place will go to the player with the most match victories as normal (total accumulated Victory Points–both Marvel and DC–will be used to determine any tiebreakers). This player will receive a Vampire Batman (wkD-012 Batman).

Overall Marvel Winner: This will go to the player who accumulates the most Marvel points through all three rounds. This player will receive 1 copy of each figure in either the Marvel Knights Monthly OP Kit (Ghost Rider, Daredevil & Punisher) or the Gamma Smash! Monthly OP Kit (Red Hulk, She-Hulk & A-Bomb).

Overall DC Winner: This will go to the player who accumulates the most DC points through all three rounds. This player will receive 1 copy of each figure from an OP Kit of the Judge’s Discretion (basically, it will be the new Brave & The Bold OP Kit IF THAT KIT HAS ARRIVED IN THE STORE AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT!! IF NOT, ANOTHER DC KIT WILL BE SUBSTITUTED!!)

(These prizes will go to three different participants; the 1st Place winner will be ineligible for the other 2 prizes.)

Some final thoughts on this game:

–Each player can bring up to 3 Maps if they wish to do so and choose one of those Maps if that player wins the Map Roll. Otherwise, a random assortment of store Maps will be provided.

–Remember, the LOSER of the Map Roll has to pick which of their teams they’re playing first; the WINNER of the Map Roll gets to see which team he or she is playing against before they choose their own team.

–Even if you lose in the first round, YOU ARE NOT TOTALLY OUT OF IT!! You can still compete for the Marvel or DC prize.

–Again, which team you play each round is up to you; if, for example, you don’t like the way that Marvel team you put together performed in Round 1, you can choose your DC squad in Round 2. Your fate is not determined by the Map Roll in this scenario.

–Because you can play either squad in a given round, you might think about the types of problem pieces you think you’ll face and construct your two teams somewhat differently. If, for example, you come up with a well-rounded Marvel team that you think can take on just about anything except, say, a strong bruiser with Hypersonic Speed, you may want to consider putting together a DC team that would act as counter specifically to Hypersonic Speed pieces (ie characters with Outwit or Plasticity, etc.).

In other words, if you can identify the main weakness of the first team you construct, it may be in your best interest to build your second team to combat any teams that could take advantage of the first team’s weakness.



As of now, this is the TMNT release date. We will be playing some form of Sealed TMNT–watch this space for further cost and Build details as they become available.



Yup! It’s the return of SmashClix!! We got some pretty great feedback and suggestions from the first go-round running this scenario, so expect even more carnage–and the ability to use more characters in each game!! We’re finalizing the details now, so keep watching this space for all the updated Build and game details as we get closer to this date!


That’s all for now for the upcoming game announcements!! And come right back to the main page in a few days for an article focusing in on Nightlantern–this one has been in the works for awhile, so you won’t want to miss it!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Where You Draw Your Lines of Fire!!




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