What IF Hypefox Got it Wrong? (A What IF Top 10 second opinion)

This is a quick and dirty rebuttal to Hypefox’s Top Ten:

My Top 10

10. WI039 Peter the Hunter 90 points – Pog madness! Try him him with Con LE earth X Cap and/or anyone with the green lantern TA. Also works well with JLA teleporter. He is the one guy I have seen that I would use with the alternate universe trait from the sideline due his “spectacular” (see what I did there) ability to heal.
9. WI024 Karolina Dean 75 points – Marvel’s Starfire. She made my list due to the general effectiveness of her dial and her awesome defense ability that stops 1 damage from ranged attacks. I am dying to combine her with the uncommon Doctor Strange from ADW that heals people after they are attacked.
8. WI047 Poison 90 points – The only chase I felt was good enough to be on this list. I love his penetrating poison damage combined with his plasticity. His Carnage Gwen token is a great end dial surprise.
7. WI043 Peace Machine 50 points – He is a very unique support piece that brings TK to soldier and Armor teams. His high defense, indomitable, outwit, and special force blast are all great. However, it’s his damage limiting trait that I think someone is going to really abuse.
6. WI042 Punisher of the Strange 100 points – At first glance he doesn’t seem like he is worth his points, but since Hypefox was really down on this guy I knew I had to try him. His relatively long dial and toughness combine well with his mystics TA. His running shot and psychic blast combine well with his ability to see through stealth. And one way or another he deals penetrating damage on every click.
5. WI015 Iron Man 40 points – I am salivating at the idea of building an armor themed team around this guy. 2 extra points of damage for adjacent ranged armor attackers is huge. Even 25 point Iron Heart becomes a 4 damage beast next this Akron Man! On his last click he becomes an attacker, but you might not have noticed that he keeps his 7 range the whole time. So if you had someone to enhance his damage (like another copy of him) then he can also be a secondary attacker.
4. WIG001P Ameridroid 15 points – Possibly the best retaliation attacker ever. Low attack, low defense. But, even if you miss, you can move the targeted piece 6 squares in any direction! There Is a lot that can be done with that.
3. WI037 Gertrude Yorkes & Old Lace 50 points – For 50 points you get a secondary attacker with 5 stop clicks. Leave Getrude next to a character with support (like Tony Zucco) and Old Lace will live forever.
2. WI038R Cosmic Spider-Man 75 points – In the running for being the games best call in figure (with balls of Fury and a new *spoiler* Elseworlds Figure). He’s also great if you just play him as a 75 point taxi and secondary attacker.  Play a primary attacker to draw attention away from him and just watch him get surprise KOs left and right.
1. WI040R Goblin King 75 – For a month his 175 point version was the games best figure. Now post nerf he is relegated to just being the games best 75 point support figure. He can taxi your guys and support them with any two powers you might need (TK and perplex sound good)  If you don’t push him off his first click then he will also make a decent secondary attacker.