Upcoming Games: World’s Finest Release and Civic Pride!!

Worlds Finest Animated

Just a couple of quick local game announcements for SE Michigan Clix’ers before we go back to our regular programming!!

Hello again! Here is the upcoming schedule for Heroclix games at Comics & More in Madison Heights!!


Comics & More will be hosting a World’s Finest release event. The buy-in is $25.00 (plus tax) for two boosters, from which each competitor will construct a 300 Point team. The overall winner and Fellowship winner will each get a Streaky (Supergirl’s cat) LE figure, and there will almost certainly be some other LE’s awarded as well!

During the event, additional boosters will be for sale for those who want them at the rock-bottom rate of $10!! After tomorrow night, they go back to $12.99.

Superman Civic Pride


Which DC community has the strongest characters in Heroclix? We’re gonna find that out when we play “Civic Pride,” a 300 Point, Golden Age game wherein each competitor fields a DC-only Themed Team using one of the following keywords:





“Central City”

“Coast City”

“Fawcett City”

“Gorilla City”

“Gotham City”

“Gotham City Underworld”

“Keystone City”


“New Gods” (New Genesis)

“Opal City”

“Star City”

No Resources or Team Bases are permitted. DC Relics and Special Objects are allowed, as are Colossals and ATA’s. Justice League ID Cards may also be used, but the figure being called in must share the same “Civic” keyword as the figure who’s doing the calling.

Players can sort of pick their own difficulty level with this Build. Think you’re really good with a deep collection at your fingertips? Pick “Fawcett City,” “Gorilla City,” “Keystone City” or “Bludhaven,” which offer precious little in terms of roster variety. A bit newer to the game without many options in who you can play? “Metropolis” and “Gotham City” have choices for days.

Which city will you represent?

The Entry fee for this Event is just $5.00, and the winner will walk away with a “Gotham by Gaslight Batman” LE!!

Super Smash Bros


The final details of this game are still being worked out, but here’s a hint: It’s called “Super Smash Bros.,” and we’ll have more details on this in the coming weeks!


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next week as Ninwashui and I start dropping our World’s Finest Top Ten Set Reviews!!