It Might Get Loud!! (Or, Critical Missives Scenario #1: MCU Heroes Versus Villains!!)

Avengers poster

Hello again!

Today we’re here to share our first scenario with you. In celebration of the May 2nd premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ninwashui and I have prepared a couple special scenarios that we’re going to play out on our own time. Our first scenario is detailed here today!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For those who are unaware, a scenario is any game of Heroclix with special rules that are specific to that particular game. Often times they are meant to be played with either a specific set of figures, or else they give you a much smaller range of figures with which to create your Build. Usually there is also a small bit of story context accompanying the scenario (that justifies its existence and/or explains the comic or movie-based storyline you’re about to play out). WizKids sometimes creates scenarios for added depth of play during their OP events and distributes instructions on how to play them with the OP Scenario Pack (for example, Fear Itself had 2 Scenario Pack, War of Light had 1).]

Ninwashui and I have been chomping at the bit to try out some of these new Age of Ultron Gravity Feed pieces, but this Scenario will also give us a chance to break out some of our favorite older Movie Set pieces as well.

So, without further ado, here is our first Critical Missives Scenario. Taking a page from Survivor, it’s simply titled…




The Scenario: It’s all out war in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!

While inside Avengers Tower celebrating their ability to finally subdue the Hulk’s latest rampage, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers are finally able to relax. During a fun game of “Whosoever Is Worthy to Pick Up Thor’s Hammer,”all of the Tower’s computers suddenly light up. The Tesseract Thor had brought back with him from Asgard begins to spew energy, and a temporal anomaly forms in the Tower’s Quinjet hangar! For a moment, everything seems normal–until the hangar is ripped open, and the Avengers find themselves under attack from the menacing AI of Ultron and his Sentries! But things immediately go from bad to worse as almost EVERY major villain from the MCU–even some they thought they had dealt with permanently–begin flooding in from the anomaly! The fate of the world is in the hands of the Avengers, and to save it, they’ll have to fight their worst enemies or die trying. 

But the Villains aren’t the only ones back from the beyond. An ally once thought lost has returned to aid the Avengers, and he’s brought a really big gun…

The Game: Designed for 2 Players. 1600 Points. Oreo Age. One player assumes control of the “Heroes” side. The other will guide the “Villains.”

The Map: Avengers Tower (from the Age of Ultron Movie Set Starter Pack). The “Heroes” should begin in the Starting Zone located on the side with the lab, while the “Villains” should start on the side with the open hangar.

The Special Scenario Rules:

–When forces are being built, the “Heroes” player selects a Named keyword possessed by a character on his team; each character on his force has the selected keyword.

–When forces are being built, the “Villains” player selects a Named keyword possessed by a character on his team; each character on his force has the selected keyword.

–At the beginning of each player’s first turn, that player may select a single Additional Team Ability (ATA) and assign that Team Ability to all eligible members of their team. At least one member of a player’s force must have the printed keyword required for the chosen ATA.

–There is a restriction of 5 actions per team per turn (NOT COUNTING FREE ACTIONS). This total can be increased by Leadership as per normal.

–While we’re not going to bother with declaring Sidelines or anything, the “Heroes” player should have at least 4 Iron Legions stashed off the map (as well as a Captain America and Black Widow & Iron Man and War Machine Duo Figures if available) and the “Villains” should have at least 4 Test Subjects ready to go.

Special Character Rules:

–In addition to his normal stats and powers, Agent Coulson gets the following Special Damage Power on Click number 4: “So That’s What it Does: Once per game, if this click is revealed due to damage taken from an opposing attack, stop turning the dial and select an opposing character. Agent Coulson can use Pulse Wave. When he does, the area of effect for this attack is his range value, he has a locked damage value of 3, and this attack ignores all characters except the opposing character selected for this power. After actions resolve, deal Agent Coulson 1 unavoidable damage. This power cannot be countered or ignored.”

–When forces are being built, the “Villains” player may assign either Loki or Red Skull GGS102 Cosmic Cube without paying its cost. During the game, figures named “Loki,” “Red Skull” or “Captain America” automatically succeed when rolling for the Cosmic Cube.




Avengers 1 MCU


 AAOU003 Captain AmericaCommon125 Points

AAOU101 Iron Man Mk. 43Starter Pack150 

AAOU005 ThorCommon200

AAOU008E HulkCommon250

AAOU013 Black WidowMass Market Rare 80

AAOU009 HawkeyeCore Hobby Rare94

AAOU010 Scarlet WitchCore Hobby Rare55

AAOU014 Quicksilver Mass Market Rare63

AAOU011 VisionCore Hobby Rare100

IM3016 War MachineMass Market Rare220

CATWS006 FalconCommon105

AAOU015 Nick FuryMass Market Rare45

AVM206 Agent CoulsonCommon50

CATWS011 Maria HillCore Hobby Rare60

= 1597 (Hmmm… Heroes are apparently so confident that they’re leaving 3 Points on the board!)


Marvel Villains


AVM211 LokiChase220 Points

AVM041 Red SkullChase170

IM3008 Aldrich KillianCommon35

TDW004 MalekithCommon350

CATWS008 Winter SoldierCommon100 

GOTGM106 RonanStarter Pack300

AAOU016 Baron StruckerMass Market Rare95

AAOU018 Ultron PrimeMass Market Chase250

AAOU007 Ultron SentryCommon40

AAOU007 Ultron SentryCommon40

= 1600 Points!! (Villains got their $#!t together!)


Why These Teams?: Because, as I mentioned before, this gives us a chance to really dig into the new Age of Ultron Movie Set while also providing an opportunity to dust off some old favorites. As for these specific rosters, we chose them because–between the two of us–we happen to have all these pieces and the points match pretty damn close (in a 1600 Point game, I’m prepared to deal with a variance of 3 points).

Handicapping the Squads: While we haven’t decided who will play which side, just looking at the rosters, I’d expect the “Heroes” side to have a distinct advantage. While there is certainly a ton of raw power on the “Villains” side (and Ooooo, Malekith at 350 looks like soooo much fun…), the “Heroes” side is much more synergistic with their “Avengers Assemble!” Traits and such. Still, we shall see…

The Result: Check back in this space next week. Once we play out the Scenario, we’ll post the highlights and tell you who won right here!! (And/or in the next Weekly Roundup–we’re waaaay overdue for one of those!)

Until next time, Stay Safe, and Watch Where You Draw Your Lines of Fire!!

I Must’ve Forgot–You Can’t Trust Me!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 04/13/2014!!)


I’m back!

So we’re not too far off from our normal schedule. Oh, hey, remember how, during the last Weekly Roundup I told you the weather had warmed up and things were getting back to normal here in Southeastern Michigan?

Well, it hit 80 here two days ago.

And looking out my window now, I see a fresh dusting of #$&^%#$%#%#^$(^% SNOW!! AGAIN!! COME THE #$#@ ON ALREADY!!

Man!! Y’know what? I can’t deal with this anymore! Let’s just get right to it, shall we? Let’s get right into…


THE WEEKLY ROUNDUP!! Hop to it, ‘Clix Nation!


Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix returned with a full-sized episode–Number 40! This week the guys discuss all the War of the Light Dials (mostly prize support) that have been spoiled. If you still want to see what entries have been inspired by the Dial H April Dial Design Contest (this thing seems to grow every month!), you can do so right here (the idea this month is for all the competitors to design their own Fast Forces team! I’m working on a Cull Obsidian Fast Forces as I write this. Proxima Midnight was Week 1, Ebony Maw was Week 2, and now I’m completing the team this week with Thanos, Corvus Glaive, Supergiant and Black Dwarf).


ClixCast, dark again, checked it, wrecked it, let’s move on (with apologies to Tag Team).

Push to Regen

–Push to Regen was new on April 5th. Not sure when their next show was, but check their Podbean for updates!

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

The Quarry latest episode is still… Episode 15! No news yet on when an edited version of the mysterious 13th Episode will appear…


Welcome... to the ROC!

Welcome… to the ROC!


–Up to date upcoming tourney listings, which you can find right here!

-ROC’ing the UK results!

ROC Event rule change! That… applies only to the members of the ROC Board. Huh?! Actually, this is just cleaning up some eligibility language and basically says that members of the ROC Board and others in a position of authority must turn over any money they win to… the ROC. To further the ROC’s goal of global domination!!



-Do you like the Heroes for Hire? Do you want to play a HfH team with Misty Knight or Colleen Wing, but you don’t have the Super Rare Duo piece from ASM? Well, buy a few packs of Deadpool when it’s released in May, and you’re likely to get both of them! They’re both Commons; Misty Knight has more top dial damage dealing capabilities, but if you’re a gambling man, Colleen Wing gets B/C/F down dial. Both are kind of average, in my opinion, but they each have decent keywords and give you more options for Heroes for Hire.

-Lots o’ Green Lanterns from War of the Light were revealed, dials and all, by Newsarama! Don’t know that any of the figures spoiled will really affect the Meta (these guys all cost a lot without being totally viable as primary attackers), but they sure look like a lot of fun, and some of them may get way better with the new Construct mechanic!

-Speaking of, the Green Lantern Power Battery was also spoiled! If you thought the Phoenix Force was confusing, just wait! The Power Battery is a pseudo-character that stays in play the entire game and can be attacked and KO’d like a character (although it’s almost impossible to damage it?!?) and can cost up to 70 points (Good Lord!).

-Not to be forgotten in all the War of the Light frenzy, Cable is going to be a Super Rare in Deadpool! And he’s really expensive for what he does. Still, I like him better than AvX Cable.

Yep, after 2 months, this was the best image I could come up with for "Entertainment News."

Yep, after 2 months, this was the best image I could come up with for “Entertainment News.”

Entertainment News:

-Once again, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out in theaters now and it is awesome! It was number one at the box office for a second week in a row. There are two scenes AFTER the credits start rolling, it moves the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a bold new direction, but most of all… it was fun! Great story, some great reveals… and oh, by the way, DON’T WATCH AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. UNTIL YOU WATCH CAP 2!! Speaking of which…

"I have a tattoo that says 'SPOILER ALERT.'"

“I have a tattoo that says ‘SPOILER ALERT.'”

-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. … Holy Schnikes. I can’t write SPOILER ALERT enough to talk about this show, but last week did NOT disappoint. If you like rollercoasters, watch this damn show! Some terrific turns last week; can’t wait for tonight’s ep! By the way, the title of this week’s Weekly Roundup is a Twentyonepilots lyric from their hit song “Holding On To You,” but it might as well have been the title of last week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Critical Missives:

–Just one new article last week, but it was a doozy! 3000+ words that covered figures who get a particularly nice bump from AvX!

That’s all I got this week! See ya later this week for more Clix goodness!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Your Lines of Fire!


Back in the Saddle Again!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup!! 02/09/2014)


Well well well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?! The bitter January cold weather brought with it some bitter January flu bugs, but I’m live, in person and back in the saddle again! This installment of The Weekly Round-Up also has a new category–Entertainment News. We’ll get into the hows and whys of that when we get there. So, with no further ado… here we go!


Dial H for Heroclix continues to pump out new episodes each week. The industry’s most consistent ‘casters just released episode 31, wherein they discussed the latest figure spoilers and the 10 Best Maps to Have in Your Competitive Clix Pack.

ClixCast was back with episode 139, wherein they discussed the Top Five Worst Heroclix of 2013, along with their thoughts on the recently spoiled Legion of Doom Fast Forces.

Duo Attack, as entertaining as it is, has not updated in quite some time. I fear it may be dead…

Push to Regen is finally back with Episode 30!! Their main topic this week is “2013 Year in Review,” and their special guest for this chat is none other than Brian Roll, the Creative Director of Heroclix. The only problem? They’ll be off the next two months while they retool the show…

The Quarry has reopened! Episode 7 has more intrepid ROC reporting, interviews and discussions…


–NEW ROC tournament announcements for Huntsville, Alabama; Sunnyvale, California; and even Edmonton, Alberta!

Victor Lloyd, Jr. powered a New Mutants Team Base and Brother Voodoo (along with a 13 Point Utility Belt and the Heroes for Hire ATA) to a 1st-Place finish at the Coastal Assault ROC Super Qualifier in the Florida panhandle town of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Incidentally, the results show that this was possibly the most varied field yet! The Top 16 featured quite an eclectic cast of Main Pieces and Support Figs. Follow me with the results real quick:

1st Place–Main Piece: New Mutants Team Base (200 Point Level). Best Support Piece: Brother Voodoo. Resource: 13 Point Utility Belt.

2nd Place–Main Piece: Shuma-Gorath. Best Support Piece: Mole Man. Resource: 28 Point Power Plant.

3rd Place–Main Piece: Warstar. Best Support Piece: WXM Magneto (#037a). Resource: 50 Point Booklip (Complete Book of the Skull plus Splitlip).

4th Place–Main Piece: Hellfire Club Team Base (300 Point Level). Best Support Piece: None. Resource: None.

5th Place–Main Piece: Absorbing Man LE. Best Support Piece: Enchantress. Resource: 40 Point Infinity Gauntlet.

6th Place–Main Piece: M10 Iron Man. Best Support Piece: Tanarus. Resource: 50 Point Booklip.

7th Place–Main Piece: Silver Centurion. Best Support Piece: New Mutants Team Base (95 point Level). Resource: 40 Point Infinity Gauntlet.

8th Place–Main Piece: Batman (115 Point GCSG Version). Best Support Piece: The Insider. Resource: 18 Point Power Plant.

9th Place–Main Piece: Ghost Rider. Best Support Piece: 2x CW Scarlet Witch. Resource: 14 Point Utility Belt.

10 Place–Main Piece: M10 Iron Man. Best Support Piece: Cerise. Resource: 110 Point Batcave.

Okay! Look at that–you had to go 10 deep in the Top 16 finishers before you saw the same Main Piece repeated. It was M10 Iron Man, who was used by both Jacob Schopf (6th Place) and Christopher Athaway (10 Place). And the builds only get more eclectic after 10th Place, with armies revolving around GG Morg and CW Sentry and Void!! Say what you want about the Watchlist (and I’ll have a column coming sometime in the near future that will discuss the impact of the Watchlist and where we’re headed), but it’s working. It–along with ROC’s specific rules–has opened up all sorts of viable builds.


Pyro from DoFP was spoiled. I like the creativity of his dial, and the Flame Construct token is really cool; I don’t like that he cost 90 Points. That seems steep for a fig with no defensive powers (yes, you can give him Toughness with a Hammer, but 17 Defense with Toughness doesn’t scream “staying power” in the current Meta). When I first saw his dial, in my head I thought he’d be somewhere between 70-75 Points. So I think he’s overcosted; time will tell, though.

–SLoSH got some beef with Mr. Majestic, an uncommon beatstick. Any figure with Move and Attack (especially one that only modifies his attack by -1 instead of -2) is going to be decent; unfortunately, that’s about what you have here: a decent, 220 Main Piece. In larger games, he should be fun, but I don’t know that I’d want to build my whole team around him.

Entertainment News:

A lot of TV and movie news is generated every week that has the potential to be very relevant to the Heroclix community. Remember, a good portion of the Gravity Feed sets released each year come from movies and TV shows! Also… it’s fun to write and talk about comic book movies! That said… here we go!

–Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back, and it came back with a bombshell–Mike Peterson is Deathlok! This is awesome news, and it comes just as the show is finding its voice. If you’ve already given up on this show, it may be time to give it another look. If we ever get a S.H.I.E.L.D. set, there’s a good chance Deathlok will be a big part of it.

–As soon as DC pulled out of a July release date for “Batman Versus Superman,” Disney swooped in and took that date for its Paul Rudd & Michael Douglas franchise-starter “Ant-Man.” Also, Evangeline Lilly may have just scored the role of Wasp!

The Vision has been confirmed for Avengers 2, and its Paul Bettany! Does this mean that Jarvis will somehow be corrupted by Ultron, or is the Vision’s origin going to be completely separate (thus meaning that Paul Bettany is playing two distinct characters in the Marvel Universe)?!

Okay, so that’s the first edition of entertainment news. I’m planning on slowly expanding the scope of what I’ll cover as we go forward, but I think that’s a nice, bite-sized chunk. 2015 is going to have some kickass Gravity Feed sets, if everything holds true to what WizKids has given us in the past.

It’s good to be back with the Weekly Roundup. Stay tuned–this week we’ll have The Build results, we may take a look at AvX (Black Panther… yes, me like), and we’ll see you right back here next Sunday for another edition of the Weekly Roundup.

Until then, stay safe, and watch where you draw your lines of fire!