The Most Wonderful(ly Busy) Time of The Year!! (Or, Welcome to the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas 2018!!)(Or, The First Night of Clix-Mas!!)

Jonah Hex Christmas

ANOTHER dead Santa? What exactly does Jonah Hex DO in this story?!

Welcome to the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas 2018 (which is our most popular feature BY FAR every year!)

For those unfamiliar, The 12 Nights of Clix-Mas is a series of twelve articles in twelve days. Basically, it means we’re going to finally get off of our backsides and provide some content on this site every day leading up to Christmas.

Some, like this announcement article, will be short. Others, like my long overdue Battleworld Top Ten Set Review, will be much longer.

If you want to see how last year’s event went, you can work backwards from Night 12, which will have links to every article we published last year!

Generally we sort of theme each post to Christmas Past, Present or Future. Some years, we really don’t come close to our goal of 12 articles in 12 days. Some years, we do (last year was obviously a good year!).

So come right back here tomorrow for the Second Night of Clix-Mas 2018–we’re gonna preview next year’s Star Trek: The Next Generation set!