Welcome to Critical Missives!!

Hello, and welcome to Critical Missives, a blog that’s primarily about Heroclix (but we’ll touch on movies, comics–basically most of pop culture).

As far as the game goes, I started playing Heroclix with Infinity Challenge, the very first set. I stopped playing shortly after Secret Invasion, and then finally came back to the game last year with the Avengers Movie set.

I’m far from an expert, but that won’t stop me from loudly and obnoxiously spouting my opinion on a variety of topics, from figure and set reviews to critiques on comics in general and beyond.

So thanks for checking this blog out! Hope you find something interesting!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Critical Missives!!

    • No, you’re fine. That’s what we were planning for (see the date in our headlines). I know it’s a little early to post my Build column, but honestly, it doesn’t take much prompting to get me to write 3000 words about Thanos. đŸ˜‰


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