But It’s a Dry Heat!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 03/23/2014!!)



For some reason, we were (by our standards) fairly productive in producing content this week, so that knocked back the Weekly Roundup to today. We’ve also moved up in average temperature from 10 Degrees Fahrenheit to, like, 19, so, yeah, it’s practically summer here now. But enough moping about the weather…



Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix was new again this week with Episode 37! The guys discuss the new 2014 rules changes that should be taking effect very soon at a local venue near you (I know our LV is adopting them this week).


ClixCast was dark again this week, according to their iTunes feed.

Closed for business?

–Still still still dead. In fact, until something changes, this’ll probably be the last update we’ll run in this space. For now…

Push to Regen

Push to Regen is still on its two-month hiatus.

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

The Quarry is back in the kitchen cooking up some new content!

Welcome... to the ROC!

Welcome… to the ROC!


–New Tourney announcement!

–Up to date upcoming listings, which you can find right here (minus the new announcement I just listed)!



–No dials, but virtually every figure in War of the Light has been spoiled (in terms of their name, number in the set and point cost)!! Check ’em out here!

Entertainment News:

–Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes back to end it’s first season with a run of 7 straight episodes starting on April 7th. Which is just a few days after Captain America: The Winter Soldier premieres in a theater near you! Given the heavy presence of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the film, it would not surprise me if what happens in Cap 2 has ramifications on a certain ABC show…

–No renewal yet for MAoS, but at least one site in the business of making such predictions thinks it’s a foregone conclusion…

–Fox’s Gotham pilot has a Bruce Wayne and a Selina Kyle!

–And I still have not yet decided on an Entertainment News segment logo…

Critical Missives:

–I finally wrote my rebuttal to Ninwashui’s Top Ten SLoSH figures column! (Btw, if you’re looking for Bizarro in the Top Ten, well, he’s not there. He gets his own column… hopefully this week.)

–Ninwashui wrote what might be his best Tournament report yet. We played some SLoSH sealed, and you can read about it right here!

–Look for another The Build article and Tournament report this week as we finally get to AvX Month 1 (we’ve already played Month 2–don’t ask!) this week!!


Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Your Lines of Fire!

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