Dead and Loving It!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 05/18/2014!!)



Well well well!! Welcome back!

Things are as busy as ever around here, so I’m just going to go right into…



Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix has released Episode 45! This week the guys discuss Sealed advice for Deadpool release tourneys.

Push to Regen

–Push to Regen is back with Episode 2.3!! Check their Podbean for updates and the first two episodes of Season 2!

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

The Quarry’s latest episode is … Episode 18, “featuring ROC Rankings, Watch List, Roundtable analysis of West Virginia & Wonder Con SQ’s.”

Welcome... to the ROC!

Welcome… to the ROC!


–Up to date upcoming tourney listings have been released, which you can find right HERE!



–WizKids announced a monthly New OP kit system!



–New War of the Light dials seem to go up every day–Newsarama is a good place to look, but eventually all that info filters down to HCRealms, so you can always check their Units page. Larfleeze and his constructs are the latest to get spoiled.

–Deadpool has RELEASED!! Check out in their Unit sections for every dial in the set!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

–Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended its first season with a pretty damn fun finale. Some characters died, some lived, and some got shot by Nick Fury!! Yep, Samuel L. Jackson showed up for pretty much half the damn epidsode, and even helped Coulson take on Agent Garrett. Not going to spoil anything more here, but Season 2 should start in a pretty interesting place…

–Speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel and ABC will be partnering for an 8-episode run of “Agent Carter” next season that will bridge the programming gap when “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” goes on its Winter hiatus. Haley Atwell is reprising her role from the films, and she spoke recently about her excitement for the project.

–As mentioned in this space before, Gotham is a go on FOX this fall and it now has a shiny new trailer.

Army of the Week

Army of the Week:

Okay! You may remember from last week that we started another quick new segment for the Weekly Roundup! Basically, I’ll use this space to talk about winning ROC armies, something I saw at my local venue or even just a force that’s been bubbling on the back burner of my brain.

This week we’re going to build a team called:

The Hammer’s on the Merc!


DP055 Deadpool – 215 Points (w/ as many Word Balloons as you care to use, but “Hammer Time,” which comes with this figure, is straight AWESOME. I know some people don’t like it, cuz it permanently goes away if you miss with it. First, none of these Balloons cost any points, so even if it goes away, you can still take a free action to assign a different one, like “4th Wall? What 4th Wall?” Second… it gives some awesome bonuses! It’s basically like having a Relic on your character).

FI301 Splitlip – 20

FIB002 Skadi’s Warbot – 30

FIH004 Army Private – 8

The Book of the Skull – 6 + 21 (every Hammer but Greithoth’s)

=300 (Theme: Asgardian)

This is a fun Book team that revolves around one heavy hitter–the Merc With a Mouth holding a Hammer! He’s got the Asgardian keyword, he’s got a top dial 12 Attack (13 with his word balloon!) with Running Shot, Pulse Wave, 18 Defense with Invincible and 4 Damage with Outwit (that’ll go to 5 if he carries Splitlip with the lil’ guy’s Enhancement). Skadi’s Warbot is there as a nuisance/secondary attacker, and the Army Private is just there to help you get out Hammers faster.

And with those Hammers, Deadpool becomes straight up ungodly!!

This team won’t take down a ROC anytime soon, but it should be a lot of fun to play. And with the new rules, it technically qualifies as theme team!

Critical Missives:

Three new articles last week, including a wrap up of AvX at our local venue and a fun preview of what to expect from Deadpool Sealed.

And we’ve got more great articles coming this week!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Your Lines of Fire!




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