The Finest Set Preview in the World!! (Or, a Brief Look at What We Know About World’s Finest!)

Bats Supes

Okay! We’re just one day away from the next set (pre-)release, so it’s about time we round up all the rumor mills and discuss what we actually know about the next Clix release: World’s Finest!

Thanks to the intrepid sleuths at’s Upcoming Sets and Rumors Forum along with the always-welcome Scott Porter unboxing videos (the chain for World’s Finest starts here) and the follow-up unboxing video, we now know quite a bit, actually.

The entire set list has pretty much been spoiled at this point, and it seems like a pretty good roster. As more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, I was pleasantly surprised at how many of these figures I really want. When one considers that the set immediately preceding this one (Superman/Wonder Woman) had a very similar primary theme (but sets are heavy on Supes), and that the DC set immediately before that, Trinity War, had a similar primary theme (Justice League characters) AND pretty much the exact same sub-theme (DC’s mystical characters), I wasn’t able to muster up much enthusiasm when this set was announced.

Now, the Doom Patrol and Metal Men characters only mildly interest me, but there’s some deep-cut characters that the game has never attempted to adapt before (Zantanna’s dad Zatara–a Rare in this new set–comes instantly to mind) that I can’t wait to get my hands on. And we’ve needed a new Desaad for a looooong time; I just never thought this would be the set where he’d make an appearance.

From a production standpoint, the designers brought back the oversized Giant type of figures (Elasti-Girl is one such piece) that we saw so many of in Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes. And they made a great choice for the Chase figure theme–Kingdom Come, which is one of my favorite DC stories of all time.

(So if you got caught up in that FaceBook hoax from a few weeks ago, never fear–you’re about to get the real thing!)

Yup–we’re getting Kingdom Come Batman, KC Superman, KC Green Lantern, KC Wonder Woman, KC Shazam and KC Spectre! If KC Spectre is also a Giant-sized figure (like his 2 War of Light versions), I’ll be a happy camper indeed. And it seems like all the Chases have a 25-Point dial that has the potential to give you access to half that character’s dial… for just 25 Points!

And we’re also getting a Super Rare Prime KC Harlequin, it looks like. If you’re trying to collect all of the KC figures that WizKids has made, like I am, that SR Harlequin is going to be a tough piece to find.

Well, that’s all we have today! Come back next time for our full Top Ten Set Reviews!!

9 thoughts on “The Finest Set Preview in the World!! (Or, a Brief Look at What We Know About World’s Finest!)

  1. Based on the HC Realms evidence thread, what do you think will be the next big thing? The entity or balls of Fury of this set?

    I’m thinking about the KC Superman and Batman.. dunno if it’s for titular sake, but IMO those two are the best among the chases. A tower defense-like Incap or Outwit “turrets”? Yes please!

    Nightlantern makes all our sideline characters “entities”… though we can only possess characters that have a higher cost than the “entity”. I can’t put my fingers on it, but despite the limitations, there should be some low-cost fragile characters with good but random spread of powers out there, waiting to be Amalgam-ed…

    One other thing is the brainwashed Supergirl. Her ability in giving action tokens is quite scary if combined with the convention Alejandra Jones Ghost Rider or Mxy… yay or nay?


  2. At the risk of giving away some of our Top Ten Set Review articles which will be coming in the next week or so…

    Ninwashui would agree with you that KC Supes is among the best of the “Tower” Chase dials. I prefer two others.:

    Spectre can start almost anywhere BUT a starting area (meaning you can basically place him in the middle of the map) and has a native Range of 12. So for 35 Points you’re basically getting a Prob every turn that can target anyone just about anywhere on the map, regardless of terrain and such). If your opponent wants to take him out, he has to either waste turns moving up for a Close Combat Attack or Poison (which would also leave that piece open to a nice counter-attack) or try and hit a 20 or 21 Defense from range (and even if your opponent somehow did roll that, he’d have to do it a second time thanks to Spectre’s Prob, and then Spectre still gets his KC roll!). That’s a lot of Map Choice-independent board control for 35 Points.

    Green Lantern’s no-LoF-needing Perp is similarly awesome, but he can also pop out a Barrier two out of every three turns, too. Very useful–especially since he, too, can start in what is essentially the middle of map.

    As you’ve already mentioned the merits of KC Supes and KC Bats, I think it’s safe to say that the KC Chases and their “Tower” dials will be the “Entities” of this set. I mean, this reply is 5 paragraphs in and I haven’t even talked about their regular dials.

    Having said all of that, the Primes in this set are no joke.

    Nightlantern is already one of my favorite pieces that they’ve ever designed from a flavor standpoint, and he may yet make some noise in the Meta. But in 300 Point games, it’s tough to truly take advantage of his Trait. Now, in a 400 Point game? He’s awesome.

    Harlequin (the SR Prime) is just a Power Battery away (I’d give her the Decoy) from being a SERIOUS Meta piece (more on that in the Top Ten Review), and Alloy is… interesting (ditto).

    There are definitely other pieces worth mentioning, but that’ll have to wait for the Top Ten Review.

    This set is as top-heavy as any I’ve seen in that almost all the power pieces are Primes, SR’s or Chases. Seriously, almost every one. Which I guess is in keeping with WizKids’s new design philosophy.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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  3. Oh, one more thought on Nightlantern in 300 Point games.

    Obviously, with his Trait’s built-in limitations, you’re probably going to be looking at Amalgam figures that are 75 Points or less, since whoever they’re going to enhance is probably only going to be a 80-110 Point figure (Nightlantern is 150 himself, and you have to add 25 Points to whoever his running buddy is going to be, so you’re probably not going to be able to fit any figure who’s more than 100 Points if you want to leave room for a Resource, Relic or additional supporting character).

    We also know that the enhanced figure can only copy Standard Powers, so we’re looking for Modern Age figures (well, at least for most games) who are about 70 Points or less and have at least 3 (if not 4) useful standard powers on they’re top click.

    With those parameters in mind, a brief, cursory search of a few random Modern Age movie sets (fewer figures, easier to search) on HCRealms reveals:

    From the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Set:

    CATWS007 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander (Common): 65 Points with access to four powers. Running Shot (Awesome! RS is difficult to find on decent sub-70 point characters); Energy Explosion (Pretty Good); Toughness (Meh); Leadership (Meh +)

    CATWS013 Agent 13 (Mass Market Rare): A Meta piece on her own for just 55 Points, she offers Plasticity (important nowadays with all the great Hypersonic Speed pieces out there), Combat Reflexes and Shape Change.

    From the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Set:

    GOTGM004 Nova Corps Officer (Common): 55 Points. Running Shot, Toughness and Enhancement. You would only choose this guy for the cheap threshold Running Shot, which he holds on to for 2 Clicks.

    GOTGM010 Nebula (Core Hobby Rare): Her 73 point threshold offers 4 top dial choices: Stealth, Precision Strike, Mastermind and Shape Change.

    From the Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Set:

    AAOU010 Scarlet Witch (Hobby Rare): She’s only 55 Points and offers Stealth, Willpower AND Perplex top dial. Willpower alone fixes the biggest flaw on a bunch of different characters in the 75-100 Point Range.

    AAOU015 Nick Fury (Mass Market Rare): 45 Points. Offers access to Stealth, Willpower and Shape Change.

    AAOU105 Black Widow (Starter Set): 75 Points with FOUR standard powers top dial. Sidestep, Precision Strike, Willpower and Shape Change.

    AAOU106 Hawkeye (Starter Set): 75 Points, again with FOUR standard powers to start. Stealth, Pen/Psy, Willpower and Enhancement.

    You get the idea. Although, this might make for a really cool article down the road. Hmmm…

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  4. Thanks a bunch for the sneak peak! :p I’m pretty sure there’s still lots to talk about in the top 10 set review. (Always loved them btw, love the Mystery Men reference on the NFAOS Set, the accuracy of ’em all, etc. They’re quite a deciding factor when I wanna buy singles).

    About the KC figures, I figured as much. They can be a very cheap source of harassment that needs to be handled asap. You really openend my eyes regarding Spectre, I initially thought “just prob control, no biggie”. But then I remembered the new, errata’d KC TA PLUS his energy shield / deflect. Dang he’s a pain to remove and can be dangerous if left alone lol.

    I figured KC Bats would be in equally high demand if the KC “tower defense turrets” ever become dominant ROC or competitive materials (which they most likely will). Since Bats is the only one that can Outwit them. The same thing with KC Green Lantern, but more than just no-LoF and barrier thingie.
    I think Mr. Scott here can be awesome in protecting those “tower turrets” since he’s the only one who can Perplex their 18 def.

    I can see a 105 pts Bruce + Alan + Spectre (I wonder why his real name is Corrigan though, he’s just a host, not the right-hand-man-of-God real name). Or at least a 70 pts combination of them becoming the new hip trend. For a 300 pts team it’s quite a lot, but it can be scary to fight through that “tower defense” line.

    Very nice research on the low point characters for Nightlantern lol. That was some awesome research you did there. Never even considered figures like the SHIELD Commander or Nova Corps Officer could be useful like that. It will definitely help push the demand for cheaper, previously forgotten clix. (if Nighlantern ever becomes dominant or competitive, since you’re right, his 150 pts is a big barrier for a 300 pts game)

    Please do make a separate, special article for him. There could be silly or downright broken combos waiting to be discovered.

    Speaking of super rare, prime and chase heavy, I’m honestly disappointed with WK’s decision. In Dice Masters even the uncommons and rares can be very useful (and expensive). Whereas the super rares arent, only the 1st set (AvX) that still have competitive SRs. (The chases are just full variant arts of the SRs btw)

    In the end, really love the thoughts, ideas, reviews and great work you guys did here. Keep up the great work and keep on clixing!


  5. Oh yeah, regarding the ID Cards, I think it’s safe to say they’re just publisher swapped version of existing Avengers ID cards, rite? I noticed the jarring similarities:
    Aquaman = Namor
    Booster Gold = Doctor Strange
    Nightwing = Daredevil
    Vixen = Spiderman
    (Btw this is pretty annoying since the SR WF’s ID cards are equivalent to Avenger ID promos / cons. Making them easier to get, but at the same time, “cheapening” their Avengers ID “versions”)

    I think this means the value of the ID cards will be determined by the quality of the clix they summon too, right? (i.e. depending the situation, a character might be better off calling Nightwing for help to get that Ignore hindering terrain compared to Daredevil).

    Imo you guys should make a separate article discussing the top ID cards for the JL, just like the way y’all did on that Christmas article for the Avengers ID cards. Am very excited to see what kind of crazy combinations or call-ins we can pull out with the JL cards 😀


    • Ninwashui and I were just discussing this. This is in the works–we’re just about 5 articles behind right now. But while many of the new JL ID cards are just reworks of they’re a Marvel counterparts, there really isn’t a Marvel version of the Kingdom Come Chases.

      One of the biggest balances of the ID Card mechanic is that the figure that’s being Called-In has to be equal or lesser points than the figure who is calling for help.

      Well, the KC Chases offer devastating support abilities for 35-points or less, which means you can call them in with the cheapest member of your team.

      Now, your mileage will vary here depending on the situation, but KC Supes in particular is devastating at 35 Points. Even someone like the Wizard at 50 Points can call him in. Supes would provide Invincible to every friendly adjacent character, and he’d get to Incapacitate your opponent’s best two characters, who also would not be able to make ranged attacks that next turn.

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  6. Well y’know what they say, better late than never. Keep up the great work guys, looking forward to those 5 articles (and beyond).

    Totally agree, if only we can use Jocasta’s ID to possess some armored individual or robots mid-game, that would’ve been a cool trick :p

    What, seriously? Initially I didn’t thought we could use the IDs to summon the “turret tower defense” mode of the KC Chases since they all starts with “xxxx begins the game…” and the “can’t be moved or placed” clause. The ID cards (both Marvel and DC) are all “place” abilities, rite?

    If somehow we can use the IDs to summon them on the turret mode, Supes would’ve been the most “broken” one. can’t argue with that lol.

    Btw another thing about the KC Chases, they can only be modified or countered by powers or abilities from characters with the KC symbols rite? Does that mean in modern we can use Harlequin and KC Flash to modify them through relics or entities equipped by them? Let’s say I have Harlequin equipped with Proselyte for a “cheap” 115 pts KC clix (compared to Wally), can I top clix Perplex those KC chases? (Harlequin already got Perplex I know, but for the sake of this case, this is the only thing I can think off the top of my head).

    Even though the top clix Perplex ability is from Proselyte, but the one’s giving the Perplex is Harlequin… rite? I just wanna know if this is allowed and if we can use other relics “channeled” through either Harley or Wally to modify / counter the KC chases.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work fellas!


    • Let’s start with the Harlequin question first. Yes, if she were to gain Outwit from, say, Chase Brainiac Possessing her, then she Outwit KC Batman or any of the other Chases. Same with Flash.


    • As far as KC Chases go, yes, their “Tower” dials are legal starting lines and thus are able to be picked for ID Cards. Note that even in the Trait you mentioned, you are still “placing” the character on the map. That first clause is only active at the start of the game. Once the figure has been Called-in to the map from your Sideline, however, it cannot be moved or placed by any means, and will leave play normally at the start of your next turn.

      Now, if Wizkids decides that those dials were not intended to be used as Call-ins, they may Errata something in the future to fix this. As of now, though, it’s legal. (Although calling in KC Shazam doesn’t do you a ton of good, since his particular power requires a double power action to activate, and Call-In characters cannot use double power actions.


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