Coming Up Next… (Or, A Look at the Rest of Your Year!! Part 1: GOTGV2!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Wizkids dropped a bomb on 03/22/2017 with a Preview of one of the Chases from this set! See the end of this article for updated details!]

Coming Up Next

Okay!! So, Preview Week was kind of washed out by a statewide wind disaster that kind of wiped out every power line in Michigan.

We’re still gonna cover the Deadpool & X-Force set with a couple of Top Ten lists. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what we know about the rest of the year’s releases!!

This post will be dedicated to the next Heroclix movie set–Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!!

Baby Groot Button


What We Know:

This will be a Gravity Feed set based around the May 5th, 2017 sequel of the same name. According to the Wizkids solicit, there will be both a Core Hobby feed AND a Mass Market version. And… they seem to be bringing back movie Chases (which I REALLY missed in BvS and Civil War!).

So, if my math is correct, there are 6 static Commons (found in both the Core Hobby AND Mass Market editions);  4 Rares exclusive to each version; and 1 Chase exclusive to each version, for a grand total of 16 separate figures in the Gravity Feed set (not sure if we’re getting a Starter like last time or not).

Based on already released previews, we know for sure we’re getting:

GOTGV2004 Star-Lord70 PointsCommon:

Star-Lord GOTGV2 Common

GOTGV2005 Drax75 PointsCommon:


GOTGV2013 Star-Lord90 PointsRare:

Star-Lord GOTGV2 Rare

Incidentally, I REALLY like that 90 Point Star-Lord. Hypersonic, EE + Precision Strike AND all his attacks cause Knock Back?! Sign me up!!

Gama GOTG.jpg

Based on the other photos/art on the Wizkids solicit (and GAMA 2017 photos floating around the internet like the one above), I think it’s safe to say we’ll also be getting Common versions of:

–Baby Groot

–Rocket Raccoon


No surprises there.

What We Don’t Know:

GOTG Box art

The other side of the box shows us sculpts for Yondu, some blue-clad masked figure, a Rocket & Baby Groot Duo (possibly a Chase; almost certainly at least a Rare) and a Ravager. The other side of the box seems so show another Yondu (Common and Rare versions maybe?), some alien dude, possibly Ayesha (although your guess is as good as mine) and the Rare Star-Lord that was just previewed.

Gotg Gravity Feed Side 2

What We’re Guessing:

There almost HAS to be a new Nebula in this set, right? Probably a Rare. I would not be surprised if there’s a generic Nova Corps member or two, possibly Denarian Dey, possibly a new Nova Prime, who knows? And I’d be flabbergasted if there’s no Mantis.

I’m thinking that Rocket/Baby Groot Duo is a Chase. There could also be a Rare or Chase Ego, the Living Planet (since his appearance in the movie in the form of Kurt Russell is not a secret and should be eligible for Clixing).

Hell, even though the producers have said he’s not in the movie, I would not be terribly shocked if we got a Rare or Chase Thanos from the first movie (in fact I would be psyched, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen).

Will we get a Simon Williams or a Taserface or a Tullk (courtesy of Nathan Fillion’s and Chris Sullivan’s and Tommy Flanagan’s mysteriously as-yet-unrevealed characters)? Impossible to say.

Still, I guess we’ll see when this set drops in one month in April!!


03/22/2017 UPDATE!!!


Annnnd, there will definitely be Chases in this set, as WizKids just previewed one!

GOTGV2016 Yondu100 PointsChase:

Yondu Chase

Wowza!! Now that is a good way to spend 100 Points. For the price of a Secondary Attacker, you get the potential to attack pretty much every Stealth-less character on your opponent’s side of the board for 2 Damage (which can’t be reduced below 1)!

If you’re playing him with Pandora’s Box, adding Willpower and Combat Reflexes means you can do that every turn without taking pushing damage and you really don’t care if your opponent bases you, since you can start your chain by shooting at adjacent characters via his Improved Targeting (and your Defense would be a 19 for any close counter attack)!

And with this version of Yondu gifted with the Guardians of the Galaxy keyword, you can even grant him the GotG ATA for an extra 4 Points and make him immune to Outwit!

Expect some shenanigans with this guy real soon.


And coming in our next look ahead, we’ll guess what’s coming in the new Wonder Woman Gravity Feed set!!

Until Then, Stay Safe and Watch Where You Draw Your Lines of Fire!!

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