Weekly Roundup!!


Hey There!!

Rounding up the Clix Community highlights from the past week…


Dial H for Heroclix ran a “best-of” pod for episode 25 featuring the funniest moments from the past year. They should be back with a new episode next week.

Duo Attack was dark again this week.

ClixCast was new with episode 137 featuring the Steve and Jeremiah’s picks for their favorite Clix of the past year.

The Quarry was new with episode 4 featuring an interview with recent ROC tourney winner Jonathan Compton and a discussion of the finalization of the new ROC format rules.


Nimrod was unveiled from the upcoming (March? April?) Gravity Feed set taken from the classic 80’s X-Men storyline. He’s got a bad attitude and knowledge of the future, and he can be played at three different point levels!

–DC’s new SLOSH set got another spoiler, this time featuring a very cool version of Starman.

–I don’t know much about Yu-Gi-Oh!, but the previews for the first set continued with the very interesting Castle of Dark Illusions.

Other Stuff:

–Uh, some blog called Critical Missives debuted with it’s first three articles!

And we’ll be back with more thoughts, reviews, analysis & opinions next week!

Until then, stay safe, and watch where you draw your lines of fire!



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