Weekly Roundup!! 01/05/2014-01/11/2014



Hello again! Another week gone, and another week of great reveals from WizKids! So let’s get to it!

Rounding up the Clix Community highlights from the past week…


Dial H for Heroclix was brand new this week with an episode wherein the guys discussed both what they THOUGHT was coming from WizKids (based on what’s already been spoiled) this year and what else they’re HOPING WizKids will release.

Duo Attack, as far as I can tell, was dark again this week. I read on Awesome Pod’s Facebook page that all of their shows may be having server issues or some sort of technical difficulty. I’ll try and update this situation next week, pending more information.

–The Quarry was dark again this week as well. Not sure when the next ep will be up, but it’s usually posted in the “ROC” section of HCRealms.com.

–And finally, last week I totally forgot about the great folks at Push to Regen! They were dark last week; here’s a link to their Podbean. I believe I saw somewhere on Reddit that their 30th episode has just been recorded, so that should be up sometime this week I’d imagine.


–Tucked into their official announcement of a X-Men: Days of Future Past Gravity Feed set that had already been spoiled (and, in what I’m sure is a total coincidence, will be on store shelves at just about the same time as the Fox movie with the same title but to which it is definitely, totally and completely unrelated–wink!), WizKids unveiled one of the set’s Chases: Nimrod!! He is a beast who can be played at 150, 250 or 350. If you play him at his maximum point level, he gets Multi-Attack!! They also showed off the sculpts for Pyro and Storm. Very cool set. I’m looking forward to this one.

–Speaking of Days of Future Past, what would a SwitchClix Sentinel look like? Probably like this!

–I was never a Legion fan, so I don’t know much about Universo, but his dial is pretty stacked for 71 points. He’s a Wildcard, he can use Mind Control with three arrows at 7 range, and he’s really tough to nail at range himself with a 17 D PLUS Super Senses, ES/D & Shape Change. He’s only a rare, so he’s a great pull in a Sealed tourney.

–WizKids announced a DC fan vote winner… and it’s _________ . Look for that fig, oh, in a year or so I’d imagine. Right? Two years? I don’t know how this all works, actually. It’s cool though.

–WizKids also announced a manufacturer sellout of SLOSH, even though it won’t release for another month.

–And finally, there was an OFFICIAL announcement this week for War of the Light, the storyline event that will take place this summer (it works kind of like Fear Itself). The way comic shops order the set is going to be different than it was for Fear Itself, but the announcement did contain scuplt previews for Blue Lantern Brother Warth, Red Lantern Dex-Star and a Duo Fig Hal Jordan and Sinestro Green Lanterns. I actually really liked Fear Itself and the idea of boosters that can only be obtained through tournaments, so I’ll be looking forward to this set.

Critical Missives:

–Fairly quiet this week, although Ninwashui did debut a tourney report column format that will probably recur as warranted in the future.

And we’ll be back with more thoughts, reviews, analysis & opinions next week!

Until then, stay safe, and watch where you draw your lines of fire!





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