Infinity Gauntlet? Uh, he’s already got one, you see. Oh yes, it’s very nice! (Or, a second opinion for The Build–02/08/2014!!)

I told him we already got one.

I told him we already got one.

I’ll love to write a huge rebuttal article about how I decided what I am playing against Hypefox in the 600 point tournament, but it would be a huge lie. The truth is I got two team bases given to me over the holidays that total exactly 600 points and there will never be a better opportunity to play them at my local venue. So I will be playing the New Mutants and Trinity of Sin Team bases. What really needs deciding is a team name. “New Mutants of Sin”? “Trinity of New Mutants”? “Susan“?

This will be the first time I will be playing any team base in any format. I still need to brush up on my strategy and knowledge of the rules for team bases. Don’t quote me on this, but I think I can just pop off Warlock and Question turn one and use them and the team base dials the rest of the game. That’s a ton of perplex. Riddle me this Thanos… I will have to roll into something nice on the asset dial for the New Mutants, but the Trinity of sin will have all their powers available from the get-go.

Win or lose it should at make for a great tournie report. Can Warlock’s Techno Organic Virus assimilate Thanos? Stay tuned.

Word press shows me that we’ve started to get some traffic, but most everyone has been pretty shy about posting a comment. If you’re reading this, what would you play in a 600 point modern Tournament? Be sure to tell me why.

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