SLoSH and Slush!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 03/02/2014!!)


Well well well!! Another week (and a day!), the Oscars and a time when Matthew McConaughey was the guy who said “Alright alright alllllriiiiiggght!” instead of a serious dramatic actor with an Oscar to his name… have come and gone. Which can only mean but one thing.



Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix returned with Episode 34 (“SLoSH Sealed Advice”) wherein the guys discussed their first impressions of Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes and broke down the results of their recent sealed tourney with the set and gave their thoughts on what to look for when you’re playing SLoSH sealed.

As I mentioned last week, The Dial H guys also run a fun Dial Design Contest over on Basically they hand out three weekly dial design assignments each month, and then score each dial on a 1-30 scale. The highest total point getter each month receives some spiffy custom poker chip action tokens. February’s assignment just finished, and March’s should be starting next week.


ClixCast was dark this week.

Closed for business?

Has Duo Attack Been Outwitted?

–No new news on Duo Attack.

Push to Regen

Push to Regen is still on its two-month hiatus.

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches.

The Quarry was also dark this week.


–No real ROC news or results to report this week.

Previews: Forget previews–we had a major set release!! Our SLoSH review will be dropping later this week on Critical Missives!

Entertainment News: Well, the Oscars happened, and the show included two Avengers and Nick Fury as presenters! Also, SHIELD is new this Tuesday!

Critical Missives: Ninwashui put together a sick article on replacement figure effects. Go check it out here!

So, we’re keeping it short and sweet today, but look for a Top Ten SLoSH article later this week, along with some coverage of Cap II’s and GotG’s Gravity Feed goodness.

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Your Lines of Fire!!

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