The Week When Nothing Ever Happened! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 06/29/2014!!)


Well hello again! Another week has passed in Clix land, and we’re here to catch you up on anything you may have missed!




Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix just released Episode 51! Not a ton happened this week (as they themselves discuss), but they do talk at length about Nekron’s newly spoiled dials!!

Push to Regen

–Push to Regen is back with Episode 2.5!! They discuss the recent Nationals, work in some War of the Light talk and check in with some listeners!

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

–The Quarry’s latest episode is … still Episode 20.

Welcome... to the ROC!

Welcome… to the ROC!


-You can catch up with most of the recent ROC upcoming tourney announcements right here!

-There will be some format changes coming to the ROC and also some upcoming prize opportunities! Read the announcement about the upcoming announcement right here!


No official previews this week, but Nekron’s dial has been spoiled on (he’s the Black Entity; he seems to have 2 different 300 Point dials, and he is definitely going to be tough to take down at his higher point levels). More interestingly, the Core Hobby (read: Comic Shop Version) Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Set got spoiled as well! The Nova Corps keyword is gonna get a lot of use…

Army of the Week

Army of the Week:

Gonna spotlight Ninwashui’s woulda-been ROC army ‘cuz I love it so much! Check it out right here!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

–No big Hollywood news to speak of this past week.

Critical Missives:

–Three articles this past week. Two Local Tournament reports (Here and here), and the ROC Build article that we spotlighted in our Army of the Week section!

–Once again… we’re finally on Twitter! You can follow us @criticalmissive to stay up to date on articles (think I’ve got the kinks worked out; it should Tweet the link every time there’s something new to read).

Wait--it's already listing this post!! Huh?! Whaa?! Must be magic!!

Wait–it’s already listing this post!! Huh?! Whaa?! Must be magic!!

We should have another couple articles this week, including a look at some replacement options for some newly retired Meta pieces!

Until then, Stay Safe, and Watch Your Lines of Fire!

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