Let’s Be Lanterns, Too!! (Or, Let’s Build an Army for Each Lantern Corps–PART 2 of 3!!)

War of Light Alt Members

Welcome Back!

If you missed Part 1 a few days ago, Ninwashui and I are trying to put together competitive Builds for each Lantern Corps, but we’re throwing in a twist–each Build must feature a character who isn’t normally associated with that color of the emotional spectrum and its related Corps.

To recap, there are two main rules:

1. Each Build has to be a Theme Team (although that Theme doesn’t necessarily have to be for the corresponding Corps keyword) that features a character who isn’t known for being a member of the featured color (Hal Jordan Parallax, for example; or someone who’s never been a Lantern of any color in the comics–like a Marvel character!);

2. For each color, each member of a team has to either start with the corresponding Corps keyword, or they must be able to get it during the game.

There are several ways to do this: use a character from War of Light who’s been made in a color different from the norm (Parallax Hal or Kyle Rayner, Orange Lantern Hal or Blue Lantern Hal, White Lantern Kyle Rayner, Red Lantern Guy Gardner, and so on and so forth); use an Entity to bring any other character in the game into that Entity’s color; or just make a general Theme Team and use the Lantern Power Battery to distribute rings during the game and give each member of a team that color’s keyword (along with some kickass powers!).

In part one, we featured the Sinestro Corps, Indigo Tribe and the Orange Lantern Corps.

Today, Ninwashui is starting us off with… the Blue Lantern Corps!! He thinks he’s come up with some Meta-worthy Build. It’s probably terrible, but whatever. Here it is!!


"I HOPE I rid myself of that weakling Parker... "

“I HOPE… that I can rid myself of that weakling Parker!”

BLUE LANTERN CORPS (Ninwashui Build)

Team Name: The Brooklyn Dodgers

Theme: Scientist

Characters Not Normally Associated With the Blue Lantern Corps: Superior Spider-Man!! Old School Captain Marvel!!


DP060 Superior Spider-Man – 160 Points

w/ Secret Avengers ATA – 5

GOTG007B Captain Marvel – 82

DP102 Bill, Agent of A.I.M. – 30

WOLR107 Power Battery (Blue Lantern Corps)2

WOLR307 Blue Lantern Ring4

WOLR207.06 Blue Decoy6

WOLR207.11 Blue Bulldozer – 4

WOLR207.14 Blue Sniper Rifle6

=299 (Gah! So inefficient!! This must be Parker’s doing somehow…)


How It Plays: So, in Magic: The Gathering, blue is the color of counterspells and unsummons–basically, it shuts down offense. Really, it can derail your opponent’s entire strategy. Well, we’re gonna take that idea to Heroclix and run with it!! So if you thought Hal Jordan Parallax was hard to hit with his 19 Defense and -2 to just about every opposing character’s Attack Value, well… meet Superior Spider-Man.

He starts out with an 18 Defense (that bumps up to 19 when he’s next to Captain Marvel, but we will get to the good Captain in a minute) and has Super Senses down his whole dial (which will be important!). He also has a Trait that lets him spit out Spider-Bots for free and attach them with a Power Action. There are two types of Spider-Bots in the game, but you’re really only going to need to make a couple of Mark 1’s at the beginning of the game and attach them. Why? Because each one you attach adds +1 to any Super Senses roll that Spidey makes. Which means that with two Spider-Bots attached, Spidey will straight out AVOID any attack that manages to beat his 18-19 Defense a whopping 66.6% of the time!

But wait! There’s more–a lot more! We’re giving Spidey the Blue Decoy, which adds Shape Change to his repertoire–another 1 in 3 chance that he can’t be attacked. So, to recap, we have a 33.3% chance that Spidey can’t even be attacked, followed by a 66.6% that any attack roll that somehow manages to hit him actually ends up missing him completely! That’s pretty good, right? Nope–not good enough! That’s where the Blue Power Battery comes in! The Battery’s Trait (EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM: HOPE: If the Power Battery, attached Power Ring, and Constructs are all the same color, during each of your opponent’s turns, one friendly Corps member may reroll a roll made for itself.) lets you reroll that 66.6% Super Senses roll. Whew!!

Again, to review, when your opponent declares an attack targeting Spidey, there’s instantly a 33.3% chance that he can’t proceed with that attack. Then, he has to hit at least an 18 Defense (minimum). THEN, if he somehow hits, you get TWO chances at rolling a 3, 4, 5 or 6. Spidey also has the Secret Avengers keyword, which makes it very difficult to Outwit any of his powers. ANNNND Spidey himself has an Outwit to get rid of opposing character’s problem powers (Outwit opposing Precision Strike, Poison or Pulse Wave like it’s the Plague!!).

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m not a statistician, but Jerry Seinfeld clearly is, and–as always–he has this advice:]

Seinfeld Good Luck

Um… yeah. I think what Jerry is trying to say is that (assuming a 7 is needed to even hit Spidey in the first place–which means your opponent’s primary attacker better be packing an 11 or 12 Attack Value) for every 30 attacks announced with Spidey as the target, roughly 4 will get through. That’s about a 13.33% chance to deal damage. To put that in perspective, that same theoretical opponent would have a roughly 18% to damage the IIM Absorbing Man LE. BUUUUUUUUT, when we factor in the Blue Power Battery Super Senses reroll, that Spidey number changes to roughly 4 out of every 90 announced attacks that get through–or 4.4%.

Let me type that again: 4 POINT 4 FREAKING PERCENT!! Those are lights out, game over and thanks for playing sorts of numbers! Meanwhile, Spidey is swinging away for 3 damage or more (he has Super Strength) every turn. Yikes. Now, taking all that into account, consider this:

Spidey is not your Primary Attacker.

"What am I, chopped liver? I save galaxies, dammit!"

“What am I, chopped liver? I save galaxies, dammit!”

And now we come to Captain Marvel!! Cap’s Defense Special (DEFEND HUMANITY FROM MY PEOPLE: Captain Marvel can use Defend and Super Senses. Modify the Defense Values of adjacent friendly characters without the Kree keyword by +1. This power can’t be countered.) combined with his native 18 Defense means that Spidey and Bill, Agent of A.I.M. each have a 19 Defense when adjacent to him! But that’s not the best part of Captain Marvel’s arsenal. Nooooo, sir! His Attack Special (UNI-BEAM: Captain Marvel can use Energy Explosion, Incapacitate, and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. When Captain Marvel hits with a ranged combat attack, hit targets can’t make attacks during their next turn.) means that your opponent’s best figures may not even get to announce those attacks against Spidey or take a spin on the 4 out of 90 Wheel of (Mis)Fortune! He doesn’t even need to do damage–he just needs to hit! Does that power sound like fun? Great!

Now give Captain Marvel the Sniper Rifle and watch him do it from 10 Squares away. What’s that, you say? Your opponent’s best piece has Stealth or keeps hiding behind Barrier tokens? Well, that’s why you brought Deadpool’s idiot friend Bill along. On his second click he gets an Attack Special (MY HIGH-ENERGY FINDER THING: Give Bill, Agent of A.I.M. a power action and choose the highest-point opposing character. Until your next turn, that character can be targeted with a ranged combat attack by one friendly character without line of fire to that opposing character.) that is pretty much game over, especially when you consider that every character with a Blue Construct also has the Blue Ring-granted limited Perplex (which means Captain Marvel’s Attack Value could theoretically go to 14!). Captain Marvel can keep your opponent’s best figure locked down every other turn for the entire game!!

To quote the noted philosopher Dane Cook, “Good game America.”


Astonished HypeFox

ASTOUNDED HypeFox Says: “…. I… uh, … $#!%. I can’t believe you came up with something this good! I really have nothing to add. This team is stupid. This is like that South Park episode where “Wall-Mart” ran rampant and almost destroyed the world. I don’t think you realize what you’ve done! This team is an abomination! It must never see the light of day! It must be banished back to the depths from whence it came, before it’s too late!!

… I mean, I’m still gonna publish it though. I just have to figure out how to take credit for it first. Hmmmm... ”


Superboy Prime Red Lantern


Team Name: The Petulant Children

Theme: Red Lantern Corps

Characters Not Normally Associated With the Blue Lantern Corps: Superboy Prime (As far as the Red Lanterns and Superboy Prime goI mean, really, it was just the one time… he didn’t even really like it…) and Black Talon!!


WOL057B Superboy Prime (Red Lantern) – 190 Points

w/ Kryptonian ATA – 2

DP043 Black Talon – 60

possessed by Butcher25

WOLR102 Power Battery (Red Lantern Corps)2

WOLR302 Red Lantern Ring8

WOLR202.12 Red Spotlight6

WOLR207.14 Red Sniper Rifle6



How It Plays: This might be the simplest Build of this whole series. The premise is really basic: the only thing better than one Superboy Prime Hypersonic Speed attack each turn is two! Putting the Butcher AND a Construct on Black Talon raises his Attack Value to a 12; a roll of 6 or 7 will give a successful Mind Control hit on SBP, with which you can wreak havoc on the whole board. Superboy Prime’s Movement and Attack will each get +1 with a Construct (giving Superboy a 12 Attack!), and if he hits with his first attack (4 Damage minus any dampeners), you can keep him in range and INSTANTLY ATTACK AGAIN–THIS TIME WITH RANGED COMBAT EXPERT!!

And you can probably just keep Black Talon near the Power Battery so that you can keep healing the damage he takes from Mind Controlling Superboy Prime. And if anyone decides to break off and attack him, he’s packing Charge, B/C/F, and Attack Value that can be modified to 12 (on his top click) along with access to Butcher’s Special Damage Power (HEAT OF RAGE: Once per turn, a friendly character may reroll the d6 roll for Blades/Claws/Fangs.). On Click 3, just when your opponent might expect Black Talon to LOSE B/C/F, he actually picks up access to an Attack Special (BLADES OF THE BUTCHER: Butcher can use Blades/Claws/Fangs. When he does, add 2 to the result.) that gives him B/C/F back AND makes it kinda filthy (I mean, you roll a 6 and all of the sudden it’s Black Talon who’s doing 8 freaking damage in one turn as opposed to SBP, who’s more than capable of that himself.

Of all the teams we’ve designed so far for this series, this team has the highest damage potential. They may not be the best team, but each member is capable of KO’ing even substantial point pieces in one blow!


Doctor Who What

UNIMPRESSED TENTH DOCTOR Ninwashui Says: “What? That’s it? That’s what you cobble together after I create one of the greatest Builds known to mankind?! Psssh. My Blue Lantern Build would wipe the floor with this Red Lantern nonsense you’ve come up with here.”


Unimpressed DMX



Tenth Doctor Ninwashui



Askewed Beanie

ASKEWED BEANIE’D DMX HYPEFOX States: “Well, we’ve have four Builds left. That’s two apiece. Winner take all! I’ll take the Green Lantern Corps and the Black Lantern Corps.”


Tenth Doctor Eyeglasses

INTRIGUED TENTH DOCTOR Ninwashui: “So that leaves me the White Lanterns and the Star Sapphires, eh? Very well then. I accept your challenge, sir! Although there’s one thing you forgot!”


Forgetful DMX

POSTURING DMX HypeFox Says: “Oh? And what’s that, playa?”


Drunk Raccoon 5

NINWASHUI DROPS A FINAL BOMBSHELL!!: “I’ve been a raccoon the whole time! MWA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAA! I hope you’re ready… and I’ll see you next time!!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Be Lanterns, Too!! (Or, Let’s Build an Army for Each Lantern Corps–PART 2 of 3!!)

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  5. Another brutal team, that Superior Spiderman Blue team! Just Wow!!! Great, great, great!!
    One thing though: how would you tweak it to 400 pts? Who would you add/replace?



  6. Given the nature of the Blue Lantern team that Ninwashui came up with here, there’s really no limit to where you could take this team. To start, just like we narrowed our focus to “Monster”-keyworded figs for the Super Skrull/Groot team, if I were going to add pieces to this team, I’d focus on adding figures with the “Scientist” keyword.

    If you’re just looking for the most effective pieces, you could do way worse than adding FL046 Harley Quinn to shadow Superior Spider-Man and having Captain Marvel carry DP020 Weasel. Both of those characters offer excellent support powers–Harley could copy Hydra TA from Bill, and she could use Perplex and Probability Control on Superior Spider-Man to make sure his attacks stick. And Weasel basically does the same and more for Captain Marvel. As long as Weasel’s adjacent to the good Captain, Mar-vell gets +1 to Range, Attack AND Damage, which turns Captain Marvel into a 12/4 attacker. Plus, Weasel can be given a free action prior to Marvel attacking that will let you reroll Marvel’s attack if Marvel misses by 1. All that for 27 points. Pretty good, right? And don’t forget, each figure you attach a Blue Construct to also gets a limited Perplex (that you can probably use on Defense values at this point). This squad would offer decent firepower and top of the line defense. Finally, I would add the Blue Net Construct to bring the Build total to 399.

    Having said that, this isn’t perfect–no team is. As the article said, you have to keep Spidey away from figures with Outwit (not the end of the world, and hard to use against Spidey with the Secret Avengers ATA), Precision Strike (bad) and Pulse Wave (the worst!!). Outwitting those powers or knocking those figures off of those powers should be a top priority. Another issue you may run into with this team is spacing. There’s only one regular taxi (Captain Marvel), so your support characters will often have to walk themselves to where they need to be. Now, Bill can move as many figures as you like with his special Carry ability, but be warned that everyone he Carries is probably gonna end up taking 1 damage afterwards. Not the end of the world, but something you definitely have to consider.

    Lastly, you do need to worry a bit about the Green Lantern Power Battery. If the Emotional Spectrum is active, it limits each character to only one free action per turn, which will slow a build like this down quite a bit.

    Alternatively, you could dump all your Constructs except for the Decoy (which you would still give to Spidey) and play Superior Spidey with the Secret Avengers ATA, Captain Marvel, Bill Agent of A.I.M. and then add in Speed Demon. As I’m sure you’ve seen from how often we mention him, we think Speed Demon is among the best figures out there. This team would probably be easier to play, but it wouldn’t offer the same firepower as the Build above. But Speed Demon would give you a way to take down threats like Despotellis without ever making an attack roll.

    Hope this helps!!


  7. Thanks again, Masters of Clix!
    Yeah, you’re right, this is not a bulletproof team, has its weaknesses. Maybe I’ll have to go a different direction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not uber-kill any oponente, but since I have to handpick the figures I need to trade for/buy, I’d like to get me the most brutal team I can get my hands on, so I can withstand the majority of today’s hot figures.
    If you had to build such a team/seen such a team what would it be?


    • To be honest, I think that Blue Lantern team is probably the most brutally effective 300 point Tactics team we’ve ever published. There isn’t an inherent problem with taking it to 400 points; the issue you run into is that is far more likely you’ll run into a big bruiser with the Power Cosmic TA AND Pulse Wave, which sets off alarm bells for this particular Build (since you can’t Outwit their Pulse Wave because of Power Cosmic). Now, there is a built-in answer–Captain Marvel and his ability to stifle opposing attacks when he hits with a ranged Attack. And while there is a severe lack of taxis, the Damage Ratio (a term I like to use that refers to a team’s ability to deal damage–ie, their Damage Output–versus their ability to avoid it) is still off the charts.

      Now, having said that whole mouthful, this is where Ninwashui and I differ a bit. Ninwa plays much more strategically, and he loves coming up with deadly uses for lower cost figures (look no further than his killer Grasshopper team that I believe you mentioned before).

      I, on the other hand, like coming up with more traditional Builds that feature a strong Primary Attacker,


    • Cont’d: … a tricky Secondary Attacker and a strong supporting piece. One high-cost figure I just squared off against that really impressed me in a 400 point contest was the 275-point X-23. She is a beast who–you guessed it–starts with Running Shot/Pulse Wave. She’s not good enough to basically solo a 300-point by herself, but in an Epic Contest (400 Points or higher) she is an absolute monster. In addition to her great offensive capabilities, it’s so hard to keep damage on her because of her healing factor. So if you’re looking for pieces to acquire for higher point games, I’d definitely start there.

      Hope this helps!


      • The two latest tournaments in the no-tactics league (AKA no resources) were both won by the same team.

        180 Kyle Rayner #107 (WoL) + 008 Wall Construct (WoL)
        079 Brother Voodoo #017b (ASM)
        030 Despotellis (WoL)

        There is nothing particular tricky about this team, it just features 3 straight up powerful figures. Unlike EVERYTHING else we publish on this site – the other people at your venue will see this coming a mile away. However, that won’t stop you from winning a lot with this. Kyle Rayner in particular is probably the best figure in modern right now. If winning was my number 1, priority I would either play this or at least a team that has a better than 50% chance of beating it in a matchup.

        Actually specific counters to this team would be a great idea for a future article.

        Against the Blue Lantern Scientist Team that I’ve listed above: Bill is a great counter to the wall construct, Kyle Rainer would still be missing against spider-man unless Brother Voodoo also helps (then outwit comes into play and you might be in trouble – kill voodoo before Kyle), despotelis could be a problem – but thankfully with three uses of perplex on your team you can put someones attack up to 14 and knock him out as soon as he comes near you.

        Since I wrote this article they’ve released Engineer at 90 points. If despotelis turns out to be on a lot of teams then I would sub her in for Captain Marvel.


  8. What can I say? You’re the best strategists I’ve found! And since I already have a Kyle, which I won on my last Golden age tournament using a warbounded Superman at 150 full gauntleted dropping tokens on jl Batman, I can start with that Kyle team. The thing is, everyone uses him around here and I’d like to surprise them with improbable unthinkable brutal teams like the ones you have here. I’ve never seen anything similar elsewhere. Even that Krampus+Helspont combo is unreal! I’ll look at that X23 but I’ll be pretty clueless as to what bring along… I even considered Highfather + Jenny Sparks as a counter to Kyle but not sure if it’s effective. Thank you very much guys!


  9. Dang! I have all the figures in a shopping cart ready to trade for store credit at cool stuff .com but I can’t find Bill anywhere! I’ve searched on other web sites and can’t find one… And no one seems to want to trade for it… Is there a viable sub?


    • Ebay’s got a couple you can bid on right now. Should finish under $10. There’s not really a great sub for what he does, but Flash Common Star Labs Technician is still a great supporting piece that’s close to the same points (I think the Technician is like 3 more points).


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