Merry Christmas… Eve!! (Or, The Seventh Night of Clix-Mas!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again, we are shamelessly unleashing the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas! Tonight is Night 6! If you missed The First Night of Clix-mas, you can catch up right here! Night 2 is here. Night 3 is here, you can find the 4th Night of Clix-Mas by clicking here, and Night 5 went down right here! Night 6 is now up, and can be found here.]


And now for something completely different!!

While we still have a bunch of Heroclix content in the pipeline, tonight we’re actually taking a night off from Clix content to bring you one of my pet projects. It’s a series of comedy shorts on the web called Suburban Heroes.

The Premise: In a world where superheroes exist, two slackers decide to form a superhero team to get their hands on grant money from the government so they don’t have to get real jobs. But in order to qualify for the funding, they must have a team member with a real power, so they decide to recruit one in the most natural way they know: while  filming the whole thing as a reality TV show.

The Trailer: Can be found right here.

The Pilot: Check it out right here!

And we’ll see you later for more Clix-Mas 2015!!



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas… Eve!! (Or, The Seventh Night of Clix-Mas!!)

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