And The Results Are In…

As reported on Facebook by “Two Clicks from KO”, Howard Brock Is the 2017 world champion. I wanted to take a few minutes to go over the team he reportedly played.

Team Name: 2017 World Champ

Theme: None

  • WI040E Goblin King – 175 points
  • JW060V The Joker – 50 points
  • ADW071 Iron Heart – 25 points
  • WF043 Mercury – 25 points
  • SFSMS101 Symbiote – 6 points
  • 3 unknown ID cards – 15 points

Total296 Points

Team Synopsis: This team gets all of it’s offense from the Goblin King and throws in the best support figures to give him even more power. Additionally the creator of this team looks like he wanted to minimize points the other teams ability to get points by KOing support figures. Both the Joker and Iron Heart are not worth trying to KO for the amount of points you get. Mercury is pretty easy to KO, but after that if want to earn points you’ll have to try to KO the Goblin King.

Here’s a little about each piece:

Yup… I think they got the sculpt right!

JW060V The Joker – This piece was rated #1 in our Joker’s Wild Top 10 article. It was easy to tell then that this piece was bonkers for it’s point cost. Four major sets later and it’s still the toughest and best tie up piece in the modern age.

ADW071 Iron Heart – This piece was rated number #2 in our Avengers Defenders War Top  10 article. She’s not as tough as the Joker, but she will probably be the hardest 25 points you ever earn if you try to KO her. Besides being tough she is the cheapest Taxi in modern and offers outwit, or perplex, or prob on every click.

WF043 Mercury – This piece was my 5th Honorable Mention in my World’s Finest Top Ten article (and he didn’t even make it into Hypefox’s Top Ten article). He was the cheapest figure with TK that the game has ever seen and years later that is still true. Beyond that he doesn’t bring much to the table, but for his 25 point cost it’s really all you need.

WI040E Goblin King – If we had written a What If Top Ten article by now then this piece would be at (Spoiler Alert) #1. Of course that’s not much of a spoiler if you have even looked at this piece. Someone at Wizkids decided that Jakeem Thunder wasn’t strong enough and thought they should do better. For extra fun you can throw the Symbiote special object on him like the world champ did. I’m sure you’ll read a lot more about this guy soon.

That’s it for tonight. Congratulations to the new World Champion Easton Brock.

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