Yup! It’s the Ghost of Christmas Present, Back Again!! (Or, The First Night of Clix-Mas 2017!!)

Star Wars Christmas

Welcome back to the gimmick that never dies!!

Yup! It’s our annual Twelve Nights of Clix-Mas event, wherein we try to bring you twelve articles in twelve days, or die trying feel really bad about ourselves!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Some quick rules clarifications:  this doesn’t necessarily mean one article a day. Some days might have none, some might have two or three. The goal is twelve articles in twelve days!]

Will we succeed? Probably not. We’re batting like 1-3 with these things.

But we will have fun? Uh, … hopefully?

This year, we’re going to separate each article into a “Ghost” subcategory: either Past, Present or Future. What exactly that means will be explained as we go on…

Still, all of us here at Critical Missives want to thank each of our readers and supporters for another great year of content!

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!

See ya tomorrow!


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