The Ghost of Christmas Future Presents: An Upcoming Game!! (Or, The Second Night of Clix-Mas 2017!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to Clix-Mas 2017, wherein we here at Critical Missives rather foolishly try to provide you with twelve different articles in twelve days, all brought to you by either the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, or the Ghost of Christmas Future! If you need to catch up with our intro to all of this, the first Night of Clix-Mas 2017 can be found right here!]

Christmas Future

“And that tiny speck, way off in the distance? That’s the day the Marvel/Fox deal clears regulatory hurdles and the X-Men can finally join the MCU!”

Welcome to Night Two of the Twelve Nights of Clix-Mas, 2017!

Today, we going to peek into the future by… well, by about five days!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the different holidays started fighting each other for supremacy? No? That’s weird… anyway…

This is the next scenario I’m going to be running at Comics & More in Madison Heights, MI on December 20th at 6:30pm!

THE GAME: Holiday Havoc!!

THE BUILD:Each competitor will field a 400 Point Golden Age team aligned with one of the Holiday-Themed factions listed below. Each character on a force must have at least ONE of the required keywords OR meet the Alternative Requirement.




Keywords:Mystical, Deity. Alternative Requirement:The Snowfall Team Ability.

Christmas Wish: At the beginning of the game, place a single d6 set to the number 6 on your Sideline. Once per game, you may remove the d6 from your Sideline and replace any rolled die result with the d6 removed from your Sideline. That die result cannot be further rerolled.

Halloween Image


Keywords:Mystical, Monster. Alternative Requirement: Translucent ORANGE somewhere on the character’s sculpt.

Trick or Treat: Once per turn, choose a friendly character. Modify that character’s Attack OR Damage by +1. If an opposing character has been dealt damage this turn, instead modify the chosen character’s Attack AND Damage by +1.

St. Patrick's Day


Keywords:Mystical, Translucent Green somewhere on the character’s sculpt.Alternative Requirement:The Tiny symbol.

Kiss Me, I’m Irish: Once per turn, you may give a friendly character an action token. That character can use Enhancement, Empower and Probability Control until the start of your next turn.



Keywords:Cosmic, Deity. Alternative Requirement:Any two characters who have been romantically linked in their comic book source material (Note: Must field BOTH characters).

Love Hurts: At the beginning of the game, choose an opposing character. Whenever a friendly character is dealt damage by the chosen character, they can use the Mystics Team Ability.


No Team Bases;

–No Resources;

–No Relics or Weapons UNLESS they’re specifically brought into play by a character;

–No ATA’s;

–No Possessors;

–Themed Team Rules ARE in effect for Map Choice ONLY! No Themed Team Probs. 


PRIZES:Aplenty! This will be our last game of 2017!

NOTES:Yes, I know there’s plenty more holidays to choose from, but I decided to start with these four. If things go well, maybe we’ll bring this game back with updated Holiday Factions come Valentine’s Day!

That’s all for now! If you have any comments or questions, leave them below. Otherwise, come back soon for Night Three of the Twelve Nights of Clix-Mas!!

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