Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at Critical Missives would like to wish all of our American readers a safe and happy holiday weekend!

On a personal level, I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with my own recovery from surgery on my leg, ankle & heel back in October.

I’m still not able to walk without crutches, but I should be able to accomplish that sometime around the New Year.

And so I am so thankful for the unending support of my family and friends as they help me through a difficult year. My wife in particular should be nominated for sainthood!!

On the Critical Missives front, we should have two new Top Tens coming next week, and a Special Project that I’m working on should drop shortly after that!

Now that I have a little more mobility, I can get to my computer again and start writing once more!

Have a great Holiday Season everybody! We’ll see you soon!

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