Let’s Talk Watchlist!! Or… The Fourth Night of Clix-Mas 2020!!

So the 2020 3rd Quarter watch list results have come out and unlike previous watchlists, I think the meta has been drastically changed. You can see WizKids post here. Let’s Break it down.

WKMP18 G001 Tri-Sentinel AND XTAS G025 Iceman

These no longer have the extra effects of the retaliation (blowing up terrain, incap) without them actually targetting an opposing piece to retaliate on. This was a needed change as it was confusing and not what was originally intended.

F4 063 Valeria Von Doom AND SVC 058 Venom Groot

These 35 point characters are no longer able to damage opposing characters on their turn using effects like the spin ring to move opposing characters. This was another welcome change. No character at that point level should be able to damage an opposing character that has reducers without needing to roll dice. That effect is just too powerful.

SVC 067 Spider-Man 1776 – *NEW ADDITION*

Wow this was unexpected, but welcome. Wizkids has said before that limiting a teams actions is unfun and they promised not to do it again. Then they did it again. But they are sorry and they won’t do it again. Until the next time they do it again. At least 1776 is still a pretty good piece even with the nerf to it’s big trait.

BWM 017 Black Widow

This was an unexpected change, and a lot of people online were wondering if it was a necessary one. Black Widow is very good, but a nerf that basically just starts her with two less tradecraft tokens doesn’t seem to hurt her that much. If this was all they were going to do, I might have left her alone.

So where does this leave the Meta?

So they are still very powerful figures out there that weren’t altered by this watchlist. Captain Marvel, Jason Wyngarde, Prime Vulture, Prime Batman, Prime Leopard, Mary Jane, Marvella, God Emperor Doom, Punisher War Machine, and the danger room robots all come to mind immediately. Plus Black Widow wasn’t nerfed that badly and Soldier 1776 is still usable even without his trait. So expect to still see Prime Vulture teams, Avenger Teams, Multiple kinds of Spiderman teams (robots, soldiers, rulers, scientists, etc…), Hellfire Club teams, Latveria Teams, and X-men teams when the new set drops. But this also opens up some opportunity for teams that were almost meta, but held back by Valeria, Black Widow, or Soldier 1776. Monsters with Absolute Carnage and Onslaught? Maybe. Robot teams with Amazo? Probably. An all Skrull team with multiple Super Skrulls? It could happen.

When one top piece falls in Heroclix another always rises to take it’s place. And I’m excited to see what’s next.

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