A Look Back in Horror!! (Or, What the Heck Were HorrorClix?!) (Or, The Third Night of Clix-Mas!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again (and this time, with feeling!), we are shamelessly unleashing the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas! Tonight is Night 3! If you missed The First Night of Clix-Mas, you can read what it’s all about right here! Night 2 was the nascent edition of a new holiday scenario we’ve been cooking up and can be found… here-ish!]

Welcome back to Critical Missives’ 12 Nights of Clix-Mas!

Today we’re going to look back at one of the ghosts of Clix-Mas Past (Horrorclix!) before we take a tiny little peak at one of the newly announced Ghosts of Clix-Mas Future (aka next year’s Heroclix: Undead set!)!

The Origin of Horroclix:


Back in 2006, Heroclix had been humming along for quite successfully for more than four years. In November of that year, Wizkids released their 24th offering, Supernova, which added a new rarity (sort-of).

Until Supernova, Heroclix didn’t have “Chase” figures. They would generally publish Rookie, Experienced and Veteran versions of the same character in the same set. Then there would be much rarer single versions of figures called “Uniques” which always ended up being the most valuable and hardest to pull pieces.

Well, when Supernova hit, Wizkids had added four special figures that were classified as “Ultra-rare” and were only pulled at a rate of about 1 in a 100 boxes. These figures were based on the hugely successful “Marvel Zombies” limited series and came packed in small poly-bags with another new addition the game had never seen before–a card!

Another New Addiction:

Yup! These were the gateway pieces that introduced the world to Horrorclix, a sort-of Heroclix spin-off. It had it’s own rules, but it was basically Heroclix if Heroclix pulled it’s figures from horror movies and novels (and the twisted imaginations of Wizkids employees themselves).

As you can see from Zombie Spidey’s card above, it didn’t take much to convert a Heroclix piece into a Horrorclix piece… or vice versa. Indeed, we probably wouldn’t have cards and keywords had Horrorclix not innovated those ideas.

The four Marvel Zombie Chase pieces (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Colonel America and Hulk) were the only Marvel or DC Horrorclix they ever made, although Wizkids would continue to explore the Marvel Zombie universe in Heroclix almost exactly a year later with representations of Zombie Iron Man, another Zombie Spidey, Zombie Giant-Man eating Black Panther and Zombie Wolverine in Galactus’s costume  (since he had chowed down on the Eater of Worlds).

Instead, Wizkids focused on licenses that had deeper ties to the realm horror, including Aliens, Predator, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. as well as both Freddy Krueger and Jason from Friday the 13th.


And just as they had started making Colossal Heroclix like Galactus, Wizkids also started giving the same treatment to such genre staples as The Great Cthulhu (still so rare that he regularly sells for between $125-$225 on eBay) and the Alien Queen (with detachable Egg Sac! Yum!!).

And then, at the height of all things Clix, came the news in 2008 that Topps had bought the Clix license and was shutting EVERYTHING down. While Heroclix would be resurrected within the next year, sadly, Horroclix was no more.

Two years ago, Wizkids revisited the Marvel Zombies universe and created 16 different Chase pieces over the course of two Heroclix sets (Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy), but Horrorclix itself remained dead…

Carving a New Future (?):


Which leads us to the announcement just this very month! Wizkids has decided to a new Gravity Feed Set filled with 19 brand new horror characters, from generic Werewolves, Zombies and ghosts to specific public domain characters like Dr. Jekyll. In all, there will be 9 new Commons, 8 Rares and 2 Chases.

But… these will be Heroclix pieces that use Heroclix dials!

That’s right! Horrorclix is still dead, but its influence–and now, some of its characters–will live on in Heroclix!

At this point, any non-Marvel, non-DC set Wizkids puts out is certainly a risk (although the Turtles releases seem to be selling just fine), but I actually think this set will be a refreshing change of pace (assuming it’s Modern Age legal, of course!). And it just might bring back some fond memories for those of us who remember what it was like to pit Batman against Jason or have the Avengers and JLA team up against the Great Cthulhu!


Okay! What do you guys think? Do you remember Horrorclix? Are you excited for the new set? Let us know in the Comments section. And join us right back here tomorrow for more Clix-Mas!!




The Most-Wanted Ghosts of Clix-Mas Future!! (Or,What We Want to See in 2016!!) (Or Or, The 3rd Night of Clix-Mas!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We are unleashing the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas! Tonight is Night 3! If you missed The First Night of Clix-mas, you can catch up right here! Night 2 is here.]

Christmas Future

No, look even farther into your own timeline. Farther still. There? Do you see it? That speck floating on the horizon of a distant future? Yup! That’s the next time they’ll update the Heroclix PAC and rulebook!

Welcome to Night 3 of the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas!!

Tonight I’m gonna take a look at which sets we know are coming in the first half of 2016 and what I hope we’ll get when they arrive!


Worlds Finest

World’s Finest:

–We already know we’re getting in the Lex Luthor/Joker Duo Figure a cooler piece than anything I could have suggested. Having said that, I have to say I’m not overly excited for the known Sub-Themes: Metal Men, Doom Patrol and, uh, magical characters.

I know there are a few Metal Men fans out there, but those characters don’t really move the needle much for me. If we’re getting New 52 Doom Patrol (which we almost have to assume we are, right?), those will be more figs I don’t have to collect. And we pretty much got every DC magic-user I’d ever want in Trinity War. Zatanna and John Constantine are great characters, but I doubt WizKids will think they’re popular enough to warrant inclusion here so soon after their last appearances. That usually only happens for the main Justice League characters (really just the Trinity) and, like, Lex Luthor.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Tell that to Bizarro and Felix Faust, who seem to be showing up in every DC set lately… ]

–I would have also wanted another Resource at some point in the upcoming year, and now we know we’ll be getting the Justice League Teleporter as a case incentive (not unlike the 2 Resources that debuted with Trinity War earlier this year) AND that it will utilize all the Justice League ID Cards that will come in this set.

Getting another Round Table-style Resource so soon after getting, y’know, the Round Table, is kind of odd; at the same time, you knew this was coming at some point, and I’ve actually found the ID Cards to be kind of fun.

–I really enjoyed the Super Rare Kingdom Come Flash update from Flash last year, and I’d love more updated Kingdom Come figures here. While we don’t know what the six Chases will be, I’d be surprised if they did a full KC Chase run.

Still, I’ve heard rumors of a possible Bat Sentry update, which would be welcome news. Perhaps WizKids could even give us just one KC piece a set, in the way that they’ve been trickling out Squadron Supreme Primes in every Marvel set for the last three years.


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Movie Tie-In Set):

–So we’re finally getting a DC Movie set with actual Chases and Target Exclusives and the whole nine yards? This actually has me pretty geeked!

–We actually know a good deal already about who will be in this set based upon what we know from the movie news that’s already leaked AND the roster list for the Starter Set! That roster includes:

Batman (sure). Superman (obviously). Wonder Woman (well, she was all over the trailer, so that’s to be expected). Lex Luthor (ditto). Mercy Graves (?! We knew she’d be in the movie, but we weren’t even sure if they’d be doing a version of her with powers.) Annnnd… Aquaman? Apparently Jason Momoa is in more of this movie than we thought.

–Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman should all have Common versions in the main set. Lex and Mercy could be Commons or Rares. I’m guessing Aquaman will be a Rare. Doomsday’s been spoiled now, so he could be a Rare or a Chase. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a Bats/Supes Duo as a Chase as well. We shall see in… good Lord, in like two months, right? Man this is coming up quick!

MARCH 2016:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Set 1): 

–I’ve already gotten my big want for this set: that it would be Modern Age legal! Beyond that, I was always more a fan of the cartoons growing up, so as long as we get the Turtles, April, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, I’ll be a pretty happy camper.

APRIL 2016: 

Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Movie Set: 

–My biggest want from this set would be a MCU Black Panther piece (I love the character, so I’m excited for his MCU debut), and since we know he’s in the Starter, we know he’ll also be in the set!

–Even more so than Dawn of Justice, this set has no shortage of figure possibilities. We know Cap, Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier will all show up, and all (except maybe Vision?) are pretty safe bets to get at least one figure in the 18-figure main set. So if everyone we just mentioned gets a slot, that’s ten figures right there. We also know Ant-Man and Spider-Man will both show up, and General Thunderbolt Ross is back for the first time since The Incredible Hulk (and may or may not turn into Red Hulk–my money’s on “not,” but whatever).  Brock Rumlow is also back, this time as the villainous Crossbones, so he’s a good be to be Clix’d again, too.

–Having said all that, I think a MCU-debuting Spidey would make for an awesome Chase; I just don’t think we’ll get it. May not even get a Spidey at all (although I’d be pretty bummed if we didn’t get a Scott Lang Ant-Man as well, since Wizkids sat that movie out). I’m betting the Chases will be (yet another) Iron Man/War Machine and Captain America and the Winter Soldier Duo figs. Which I’d be fine with, but would seem like a lost opportunity to blow our minds with Spidey or Ant-Man.

MAY 2016:

Civil War comics

Civil War SLOP:

–Introducing Battle Royals into a SLOP event could either be really fun (if implemented correctly) or really muddled (if implemented incorrectly). The sculpts we’ve seen so far look cool, and I’m interested to see exactly how the Bounty Card system will work. Doesn’t seem like there will be any Chases, which I find a bit disappointing but I know others would prefer, and the set overall seems a bit small, so I’m very interested to see the roster for this release. And the Grand Prize, which still isn’t clear.

"Finally... the X-Men have come BACK... to HeeerrroooClix!"

Finally… the X-Men have come BACK… to HeeerrroooClix!

Uncanny X-Men:

–Wolverine and the X-Men and Deadpool were both so good, I don’t know what I want from this set!

–It would be great to get some of the classic characters in their iconic 80’s uniforms again, and Chases based on a classic event like “Fatal Attractions” would be great. But I think what EVERYONE seems to be asking for, and what WizKids seemed poise to deliver before the unofficial shutdown on the X-Men license, is an…

Stop teasing us, WizKids...

Stop teasing us, WizKids…

–Age of Apocalypse sub-theme! It’s one of the greatest Marvel storylines that has never been fully exploited in a Clix release.


–And of course we also know we’re getting more cool monthly prize kits featuring:

The Sinister Six; White Lanterns; Gamma Smash! (Red Hulk, She-Hulk & A-Bomb); The Brave & The Bold; Guardians of the Galaxy (Sweet!); and the Injustice League.

What will the last six months of 2016 look like? Well, that will require a lot more speculation… and another Night of Clix-Mas!

See ya tomorrow!