Guarding the Galaxy, For Starters!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 07/20/2014!!)



Another week gone by, and another blown game by Tiger’s closer Joe Nathan! Bleh. At least my Tigers salvaged the last game of their four game series against the Indians at home. They’ve just been a much less effective team at home for whatever reason, even though they’re, like, +12 on the road. Weird.

Forget Mad Max--this is what real road warriors look like.

Forget Mad Max–this is what real road warriors look like.

Still, the Tigs are well in first place, and at this point I’m expecting a nice, peaceful cruise into the Playoffs (yeah, right). Until then, however, we should probably get you caught up on the week that was in the world of Heroclix. Here, then, is…





Dial H

Dial H for Heroclix is back once again and podcasting into their second year with Episode 53! It’s a shorter length discussion that ranges from possible punishments for Austin for missing yet another podcast to replacement Modern Age maps for the best maps that have recently rotated out!

Push to Regen

–Push to Regen’s newest episode is… still Episode 2.5!! If you missed it, they discuss last month’s Nationals, work in some War of the Light talk and check in with some listeners!

This is Ultimate Play, b!tches!

–The Quarry’s latest episode is still Episode 22!! It features some new Tryout Commentators analyzing the Oregon ROC!!…

Welcome... to the ROC!

Welcome… to the ROC!


-You can catch up with most of the recent ROC upcoming tourney announcements right here!

-Speaking of, the full ROC/DragonCon announcement is here!

-The recent contest to create ROC standard objects has come to an end! Click here for the winning Objects!


Again, no official Previews this week (Strange, considering GotG is less than a month away, no?), but check out the Rumors section for some of the Gravity Feed Dials. As a lifelong Jim Starlin/Warlock and the Infinity Watch fan, the fact that the first two Gravity Feed characters are Infinity Watch-era Gamora and Drax means that this guy will be buying some GF packs!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium

-Yu-Gi-Oh! is getting a storyline event AND a resource dial!! Good lord. Will it be any good? Does this mean that I have to start playing Yu-Gi-Oh! ?

-In case you missed it last week, there will be a 5-figure booster set next February, and it will be based on… DC’s Trinity War!! So we’ll be getting 2 DC sets in a row, and–in addition to normal Chases–there will be a new “Ultra-Chase” rarity (uh, yay?). With the set being based on Trinity War (and the Crime Syndicate), early bets on the identity of the Ultra-Chase all seem to be landing on either alt-Alfred Pennyworth or, more literally, Ultra-Man of the Crime Syndicate. There will also be TWO new Brick-Incentive Exclusive Resource Dials!! How will it all play?!

We shall see next February…

Army of the Week

Army of the Week:

Team Name: You Have to Stay in the Sniper’s Nest

Theme: Spy


DP018 Blind Al – 13 Points

WXM042 Fantomex142

CATWS008 Winter Soldier – 100

AVXR100 Phoenix Force – 12

2x Assigned Character – 6

All 5 Phoenix Fragments – 15

ATA020 X-Force (assigned to Fantomex) – 3

=291 Points

This is a simple team built around being hard to engage. Fantomex can simply stay in his Starting Zone with Blind Al and wreck face through E.V.A. while Winter Soldier snipes away from his nests. It’s really that simple; the Phoenix Force of course helps, but your goal here is to nail your opponent’s tentpoles before they ever even get to you. And if they do, you can use Blind Al to forcibly evict them!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

Hooray for Hollllllywooood!!

–No big Hollywood news this week, but in a couple weeks we will have a Roundup Report on the statuses of Gotham (TV), Superman/Batman: Dawn of Justice (Film) and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)!!

Wait--it's already listing this post!! Huh?! Whaa?! Must be magic!!

Critical Missives:

–Bunch of new articles in the last two weeks since we lasted ‘Rounded Up! We took a look at which pieces in the current Modern Age could replace the Meta staples that have recently gone Golden Age, we did a review of every figure (except those in the Starter) from the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Set and, finally, Ninwashui took an in-depth look at Arnim Zola armies!!

–Once again… we’re finally on Twitter! You can follow us @criticalmissive to stay up to date on articles (think I’ve got the kinks worked out; it should Tweet the link every time there’s something new to read).


And that’s it for this week!! In the next few days (read: Thursday), we should finally get to the GotG Movie Starter figs (hint: it contains the best Star-Lord in the set!!) review as well as another couple Tourney Reports from WAR of Light Month 2, as that rolls at our venue tomorrow!


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