The Ghost of Clix-Mas Future Presents: A Look At Some Upcoming OP Kits!! (Or, The Tenth Night of Clix-Mas 2018!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTEWelcome to Clix-Mas 2018, wherein we here at Critical Missives rather foolishly try to provide you with twelve different articles in twelve days, all brought to you by either the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, or the Ghost of Christmas Future! If you need to catch up with our intro to all of this, the first Night of Clix-Mas 2018 can be found in our first post of the season, and Night 2 speculated on the next Star Trek set. And Night 3 looked at some of HypeFox’s favorite Golden Age pieces! Night 4 dropped yesterday and examined the lack of Fantastic Four in Clix for the last 6 years! Then Night 5 brought us a look at HypeFox’s favorite Sealed sets, and Night 6 saw the release of a brand new set announcement! Night 7 was a brief celebration of our 5th Anniversary! Night 8 was a celebration of the X-Men 2099, and finally, Night 9 was a guide to a house game Ninwashui and I enjoyed playing called “Raid Night!”]

Welcome to Night 10 of the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas!!

Today we’re going to take a look at what Wizkids has planned on the OP kit front… especially because “Best There Is Games” on YouTube has just gotten their hands on some Deadpool OP kit images!

This kit is coming to Local Game Stores in January, and it will feature Deadpool (natch), Wolverine and Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

Click the link above if you want to see the cards and dials for Deadpool and Wolverine. But suffice it to say that Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the winner of the bunch.

She’s 40 points and comes with 4 Clicks. She has 4 Range and top dial Sidestep, ES/D with a 17 Defense and a Special Attack Power ( Watch This!: Pulse Wave, Telekinesis. POWER: If Negasonic Teenage Warhead has no action tokens, she can use Pulse Wave and Telekinesis at no cost in either order.) on her first two Clicks (along with a 10 Attack).

With the Heroes for Hire keyword and the Mercs For Money Trait (Mercs For Money: When another friendly character with the Heroes For Hire keyword KO’s and opposing character, after resolutions heal Negasonic Teenage Warhead 1 click.), she will slide right in with your favorite characters from 2017’s Deadpool and X-Force!

If you place in a local event and get a chance at one of these pieces, Negasonic is probably your best choice!

Now the fact that hard news about these pieces is already filtering through definitely inspires confidence that we’ll see the other already announced kits actually drop when they’re scheduled for release.

For the record, that means we’ll be getting:

–Heroes For Hire Monthly OP kit (February)

–Too Many Spider-Man OP kit (March)

–Public Enemy: Bullseye OP kit (April)

–X-Men: Empowered OP kit (May)

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print for the moment

Good luck with your January events, and we’ll see you here tomorrow night for some more Clix-Mas!!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again, we are sourcing this information from a video posted by “BEST THERE IS GAMES” on YouTube! We highly recommend clicking the link and checking out there content for pictures of the actual cards for these figures (and hints on what the sculpts will look like!).]



2 thoughts on “The Ghost of Clix-Mas Future Presents: A Look At Some Upcoming OP Kits!! (Or, The Tenth Night of Clix-Mas 2018!!)

  1. I always look forward to new figures. Negasonic Teenage Warhead looks like an awesome value. I’ve never cared for Deadpool — primarily because it’s a Rob Liefield creation. And I still don’t understand the appeal of the character. That said I give props to Liefield for Cable, but no surprise there because Chris Claremont is credited too.

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    • 1. Negasonic may have some Meta potential. I know she’s only doing two damage and her Range is minimal, but any sort of Pulse Wave for 40 points (particularly one that lets her TK at the same time!) has to be taken seriously.

      2. I became a fan of Deadpool after getting hooked on the Joe Kelly/Ed McGuiness solo series. Christopher Priest also had a pretty good run on that same series once Joe Kelly left. Since then, the writing for Deadpool has been very hit or miss in my opinion.

      Under Kelly (and later Priest) there was this angst underpinning the general chaos that constituted Deadpool’s life. He was sort of a psychotic Spider-Man, a flawed character whose occasional attempts to do, if not THE right thing, then certainly A right thing, always ended up poorly for both him and those around him. This (combined with the trauma of his mutation and a bunch of other things) caused a sort of psychotic break where the character figured anyone suffering this much this regularly MUST be in a comic book (thus his fabled 4th wall breaking was almost a byproduct of broken mental state) and Deadpool would be able to justify the carnage he caused by looking at everyone as a fictional character (this is a grand oversimplification of the Kelly run, and I’m sure others will have different recollections of those issues, but those are the themes I remember).

      Still, as the story went on, Deadpool continued to grow as a character, and every now and then he would even show some empathy.

      He also became popular because much of his dialogue and many of his catastrophic missions had a lot of dark humor, which many found quite entertaining.

      Now, comic books being what they are, whatever small amount of emotional growth the character had after Priest’s run has been walked back by many subsequent writers.

      Still, I find the character to be very compelling when he’s thrust into situations where he’s forced to lead/help other fringe characters complete a mission or contract and ends up doing the right thing almost in spite of himself (this is a character who’s at his most entertaining when paired with characters like Bob, Agent of Hydra or the Mercs for Money; I find that when he interacts with other X-folks, a little Deadpool goes a long way).

      I’ve enjoyed both movies (especially the first one), but sometimes I find the fourth wall breaking in the films to be less effective than the comics. In the comics, it’s a product of the character’s mental state; in the movies, it’s pretty much just there because Ryan Reynolds is funny. It’s fine, but it sort of lowers the stakes and tells the audience that nothing really matters in the movie (to be fair, this was a much bigger problem in the second movie; I thought the first one was almost perfect).

      Thanos has followed a similar trajectory. Post-Infinity Gauntlet, Jim Starlin (and later Keith Giffen in a wonderful Thanos solo series) pushed the character in much more of a anti-hero direction that I found endlessly fascinating. He was about as evil as any villain ever, and yet Starlin found something redemptive in the Mad Titan (consider the last lines of Infinity Gauntlet, as Adam Warlock—a man who was quite content to exist forevermore in the paradise of Soul World at the beginning of that story—walks away burdened with the ultimate power that Thanos had sought for so long. Thanos has lost his taste for cosmic might and instead seems content to farm for awhile, wondering if in the end he hadn’t actually come out AHEAD in that particular power struggle.

      Anyway, I know I got a little sidetracked there, but I’ve always been fascinated with villains who become (anti-) heroes.

      There was a great story a few years ago called “Deadpool kills Deadpool” that did a great job of showing how despicable Deadpool could be if he ever gave in to total insanity and lost all empathy.

      (That story is where a ton of the figures from Deadpool and X-Force we’re sourced from. The Prime Dreadpool was the antagonist of that story.)

      So anyway (I really should have just made this a blog post!), I totally understand why Deadpool is not everyone’s cup of tea; but those are all the reasons I personally like the character!


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