All I Want for Clix-Mas Is My New Licensed Clix!! (Or, The Eighth Night of Clix-Mas!!)

[EDITOR’S NOTEWelcome to Night Five of the 12 Nights of Clix-Mas 2019!! First, we reviewed the ground rules; for Night 2, we hit the ground running with an in-depth review of Call-In Cards from friend of the blog, Roberto Ty! Night Three brought us HypeFox’s look at the 10 best Chases of the year. And then we had a rare holiday appearance from writer/co-founder of the blog Ninwashui. It’s a Clix-Mas Miracle!! Then, we talked about the Five Things Wizkids Did Right This Year! Next, The Ghost of Clix-Mas Future took us through a preview of just about every Heroclix release that’s been announced for 2020 so far! Finally, we revisited our Simply The Best series for Night 7!]

MTG Planeswalkers.jpg

Alright, we’ll get to Part 2 of this year’s Simply the Best feature towards the end of this year’s Clix-Mas, but tonight, we’re going to revisit a DIFFERENT previous Clix-Mas article!

Back on Night Six of Clix-Mas 2017, we looked at three media properties that we thought would make great Heroclix expansions/sets. We chose:


G.I. Joe;

and Stranger Things.

So this year, we can’t choose any of those, even though there’s been little to no movement on those properties as it relates to Heroclix (Wizkids did pick up a license to do Transformers minis, I believe, but I think they’ve already stated definitely that they’re not looking to do TF Clix at this time. Apparently because they hate money).

Instead, here are three more Pop Culture properties we think would excel as Heroclix!


WoW Clix.jpgWoW Clix Booster.png


Why It’d Work: I know what you’re thinking. WoW minatures exist!! This has already been tried!

To that I say, “Nay.”

The miniatures market is slightly different from the Heroclix audience, and I think WOW Clix would be a massive hit.

Warcraft is a very specific universe that has already infiltrated the film and comic worlds. And it’s a franchise that would lend itself perfectly to Heroclix.

Reaper.jpg Succubus

Hell, I could design a WOW 5-figure booster set in my sleep. There’s plenty of generics to draw from, and there’s a looooooong list of important characters to fill out Rare, SR and Chase slots.

I mean, if you make the Chases in the first set a Who’s Who of WoW villains, I guarantee you will sell out of the entire print run. If word got out that there was, say, a Chase Illidan or Chase Lich King, WoW fans would empty their wallets in record time.

Beyond that, if it succeeds as a 5-figure booster set, a Gravity Feed or even a non-blind shelf SKU (like WWE), Wizkids could release a set adapting each WoW expansion!

Finally, Warcraft is HUUUUUUUUGE in China. If Wizkids ever wanted to crack open the Chinese market for Clix, getting a license like this would go a long way in aiding those efforts!

Will We Ever See It?

Doubtful. Even though it seems like a perfect fit, I almost think Wizkids would prefer to try and resurrect Mage Knight again and give that a Heroclix makeover again before they’d fork over the cash necessary to make Warcraft Clix happen.

Still, it’s fun to dream…


Arena Of the Planeswalkers.jpg


Why It’d Work: Because there’s millions of Magic players worldwide! This would have a ton of crossover appeal!

On a production level, Magic: The Gathering has everything you’d want for a great Heroclix set:

–Plenty of generic opportunities;

–Great individual characters (between Legends and Planewalkers, Magic has that in spades) with a bunch of backstory to draw from and strong, varied power sets to adapt;

–A plethora of diverse sizes and shapes, so that every booster isn’t just filled with 5 Standard sized characters.

This is another set that I think would sell like crazy and benefit both brands. If you’ve seen what Wizkids can do with something like, say, Phoenix Magneto’s sculpt, then you’ve got to be salivating at what they could do with a Chandra Nalaar piece.


Now this would make a great sculpt!

Will We Ever See It?

Again, doubtful. The same “Why don’t we just save the money and try Mage Knight for the umpteenth time?” objection for WoW still applies here.

Plus, Wizards of the Coast has already licensed several miniatures products, so it’s unclear if there’s even room for a licensed Heroclix Magic set in the market right now.


Star Trek Clix


Why It’d Work: Okay, yes, this is a bit of a cheat. Okay, a complete cheat, since we already have them. But there were 178 episodes of Next Gen, plus 4 movies!! There’s so much more material waiting to be adapted!

Hugh Picard.jpg

I want a true 5-figure booster set, or at least 3 or 4 more Gravity Feeds. But a 5-figure booster set would allow the inclusion of many of the artifacts/weapons seen on the show to make it into the game as Equipment!

I know a lot of folks want Wizkids to keep progressing on to DS9 and even Voyage Clix, and that’s fine, but there’s so much left to explore with TNG Clix!

Will We Ever See It?

Unclear, although I have to think there’s a decent chance after the way “Resistance Is Futile” was received!

Still, it’s a little strange that Wizkids hasn’t announced where they intend to take the Star Trek license next, so that doesn’t necessarily bode well. But it could be that they just have a lot of Marvel and DC stuff already in the pipeline and don’t want to announce anything Trek-related until they have more concrete plans.

The way the last set ended up migrating from 5-figure boosters to two separate Gravity Feeds shows that making TNG Clix was not the smoothest product development they’ve ever had.

Regardless, I can’t wait to see what Wizkids announces next. Just in the last couple years, we’ve gotten Classic Trek, Next Generation Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Orville and WWE Heroclix.

And they were all Modern Legal!

This seems pretty healthy to me for the game overall.

Alright! That’s all I have for tonight!

Which property do you think Wizkids should adapt next? Sound off in the Comments below, and I’ll see you right back here for Night 9 tomorrow!

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